Ryan Taylor Deserve To Start On Saturday?

Raylor did what he did best last night and got us out of a jam (if we're being honest) with a trademark 'over the wall' free kick. It was another beauty to add to his collection. Now given the fact he has this ability in his locker, is it worth keeping him in the team for Saturday's trip to London? A free kick may be the best chance of scoring against a strong Chelsea team and Davide Santon hasn't exactly been outstanding so far this season/pre-season.

A problem with this is of course is that Raylor played the full game last night so may be a tad tired for 2 games in 48 hours, but what is undeniable is that it is a shame he hasn't got a regular place in our team given what he brings. Not only can he ping in a free kick from seemingly anywhere on the pitch, but he can also shoot from range in open play and provide service into the box. Something our 1st choice full backs seem to lack. If the Chelsea game was on Sunday, like it should have been, then I would argue his case a bit stronger. However, it may be a stretch too far.
Also, with Raylor out of the team it's not like Yohan Cabaye is incapable of taking over free kick duties. The strikes against Man Utd and Blackburn are still fresh in the memory.

Speaking of set pieces, a problem I have already noticed this season is we haven't exactly turned around our fortune from corner kicks. We were abysmal last season from corners. I think we scored one all season. That is a disgrace. So whoever is taking the corners whether it be Raylor, Cabaye or even Benny, we need to stop this 'whipping it into the box' tactic and just drop it in there like we used to in the Carroll/Nolan days. This was our best weapon 2 seasons ago, suddenly corner's are our weakest. It isn't good enough. Just think where we could finish with a few more 'bonus' goals from set pieces...

Over the wall!

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