Official: Loic Remy Is A Newcastle Player...6 months Later!

So 6 months after agreeing a fee with with Marseille, Loic Remy has passed his medical and is a Newcastle Utd player...those London passport checks take a hell of a long time. Of course Remy has spent that time either playing for the worst team in the league at the time or sitting in the treatment room, all for the sake of £80k a week. Now he will be at the club he should have always signed for back in January (if he had any sense) and hopefully just walks past the treatment room door without ever walking in.

He is on loan with a fee in the region of £2 million quid going towards his London hijackers. Now seeing as the fee we agreed to pay for him in January was £8 million and given his blatant injury history this deal has turned out for the best for us after all. QPR are in the Championship £6 million (plus big wages) worse off and we are getting him £6 million cheaper. If he is useless, send him back next year. If he is always injured, then leave him for QPR do deal with and keep up his massive earnings.

Hopefully Loic Remy will turn out to be class (plus injury free) and we have ourselves a hitman capable of banging them in for fun to then sign him permanently come next season. A fee of which is supposed to be agreed of around what QPR paid for him in January. This loan deal of 'try before you buy' sits well with me. We have a gut wrenching history of permanently signing overpaid big time charlies and being unable to shift them from our wage bill.

This signing is Joe Kinnear's first and hopefully not the last this summer. It boosts our shockingly light attacking threat and on the face of it gives our forward line a nice balance. If we are to play with a 3 pronged attack, then Remy on the left, Cisse down the middle and Benny on the right is a force to be reckoned with for any Premier League defence. Hopefully we have another option at least in the CF role in the face of Bafetimbi Gomis, or on a lesser note Darren Bent.

Papiss Cisse just isn't reliable enough to hang your hat on as your out and out centre forward for a whole
season. He loves the spectacular but also blatantly standing offside in good positions unnecessarily. Obviously Remy can also play down the middle with Gouffran playing down the left but a new shiny centre forward is still needed in my eyes. Gomis would be perfect. Why we didn't at least try to sign him in January on a pre-contract for free or 'do a Sissoko' and get him on the cheap was beyond me at the we're offering £7-£8 million it's even more beyond my logic.

Nevertheless Loic Remy is 'over the line' and the sooner he is joined by someone else the better. Gossip of some of our bigger players leaving our club have gone stone cold, so if we add one or two more, we have a decent enough team to at least threaten to do something special. A domestic cup challenge would be nice and a run for Europe again is always a good thing...but let's not actually qualify though eh Pardew? It's nothing but a crippling season destroyer!

Our team of French speakers continues to grow. If Gomis does join Remy at Le Toon then it may be worth Joe Kinnear signing an interpreter for Alan Pardew (and one for himself might also be an idea), who knows, he might turn into the next Mourinho...even Sir Bobby's touch can help turn an interpreter into the world's greatest manager. What a legend.

Welcome Mr Remy to the French Revolution. If you get off to a good start and stay away from the treatment table then the fact you turned us down to join up with premier scumbag 'Arry Redknapp, seemingly for the money, then it may be forgotten or just remembered as something to look back on to laugh at. If not, this deal might not be as pretty as it seems right now.

So that's one in...who's next Joe?!

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