Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Carragher And Nevilles Patronising, Disrespectful Nonsense About Newcastle And Its Fans

Did many of you catch MNF last night and Carragher and Neville's ramblings about Newcastle?
As a Toon fan I tuned in to witness one of two things. Chelsea being heavily criticised or Newcastle being heavily praised. However I did not expect Newcastle to be heavily criticised, mocked, disrespected and patronised to an extent I am still trying to sink into my brain a day later.
When asked if McClarens quote of 'this is the benchmark now' was correct. Carragher bluntly said 'NO' and then spent 5 mins 'explaining' how Newcastle's tactics were negative and not how they could play against the likes of Watford as the fans would go crazy in the stands.
Words can not describe how much nonsense this drivel is as what seems totally lost on @Carra23 is that Watford would not turn up to St James' with the quality of players Chelsea have and play such attack minded, possession dominating football. Or is that too obvious?
Plus its obvious what McClaren meant by 'benchmark' as in the desire, the fight, the pressing, the much better defending, the brilliant centre forward play from Mitrovic and in many aspects the brave, confident football being played.
For him then to drag out the 'stats' from the Newcastle game vs Watford and basically declare they played better against Watford then Chelsea is perhaps the biggest misuse of stats to form whatever point he was attempting to make I have ever witnessed. Seriously what exactly was his point? The game was totally different as Watford had a 2 goal lead, which they then defended. Which is what we had vs Chelsea. Again, have I missed something obvious?
The best part was left to GNev who came in with the words 'I agree' for then to totally contradict and to talk the complete opposite of what Carragher was waffling on about (still to this day dont know what it was). Here are some bullet points of G Nev's 1 minute cameo.
- The fans need to get out of the mentality of the mid 90's
- To play 4-2-4 against the lesser teams is disrespectful
- They need to do what Pulis, Pardew at Palace etc do and start from the back and counter teams.
- The fans need re-educating but do you think the management can do that?
At this point my jaw was on the floor. Not only has he completely contradicted everything Carragher went on about, in agreement dont forget, however he uses the Chelsea game as a tool to completely patronise and mock the fans of Newcastle Utd. All of which using no evidence whatsoever to back up his claims. Since when have we played 4-2-4 this season? We had Siem De Jong in as a false number 9 against Sheff Wed and had one shot on goal. Thats why we lost.
The less I say about 'the fans need re-educating' the better. I think it speaks for itself for what kind of opinion The Nev has about Geordies. Disgusting doesnt cover it. If anyone needs re-educating its him on the Newcastle fans. Not the fans on the their own team.
I like Carragher and GNev and watch MNF on a regular basis but their incredible disregard, total lack of respect and most importantly lack of any actual knowledge about this 'wee north east club' and its fans is nothing short of ridiculous. They get paid to talk about 20 Premier League clubs. Not the ones they like or respect. ALL 20. Get off your high horse and do some homework. Maybe speak to a Geordie now and again, they wont hurt you. Honest.
I still cant get over it. Last night had to be seen, recorded, rewound and watched again to be believed...and even then I cant believe the levels of total ignorance and disrespect.
I swear they either made it up as they went along, totally contradicting the previous sentence they had just used or it was the greatest scripted comedy writing I have ever heard.

Full quotes can be read here
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Friday, 3 July 2015

Newcastle Gamble Bringing Mario Balotelli On Loan Is Totally Worth It

There have been recent rumours around Newcastle bringing in everyone's favourite nutcase Mario Balotelli. Which apparently have been swiftly denied by new boss Steve McClaren. Most would be relieved at no entertainment of such a move given his baggage and total lack of productivity for Liverpool last season. But should it be? If we were to take a massive gamble on Balotelli in the shape of a season long loan with the option to cancel it at anytime...it would surely be totally worth it with what we could get in return?

He does crazy things. He doesn't always deliver on the pitch. He always delivers off the pitch. Having mental Mario consistently on the Toon every other weekend has guaranteed misdemeanors written all over it. But so what? The lad can be class on his day and if we were to show him 100% faith he could respond in a very positive fashion. People like Balotelli just need love and no fans in the country love a centre forward more than the Geordies. It could be a match made in heaven.

Let me put it another way. Emmanuel Riviere arrived for the sum of £6 million and scored the eye watering total of one league goal all season. ONE. Now Balotelli did the same for Liverpool, however there is no doubt whatsoever which one has more talent. We could never be in the market for a high flying Balotelli but a misfiring one could be our chance to pounce. I mentioned that Balotelli is guaranteed to create headlines off the field but I cant actually remember too many from last season so maybe he has toned down slightly.

Given the relief of not having the Liverpool glare from all pundits and ex players off his back and having a solid first team spot in the Black and White could be exactly what he needs. He could relish in the admiration and worship Toon fans bestow on their goalscorers like no other. For the sake of a loan move, for me this seemingly far fetched story should have more legs then it seems.

No Newcastle fan can tell me if Mario Balotelli raked up outside the ground to sign for us we
wouldn't welcome him with open arms, intrigue and a little bit of excitement. There will be doubters, of course, but if he were to smash one in on his debut those doubters would become very quiet quite quickly. We haven't had a consistent league campaign for three years so turning our noses up at Balotelli's lack of consistency would be rich to say the least. At least he is entertaining.

We can't do much worse then what we have to offer up front as it stands. QPR wanting £15 million for Charlie Austin is somewhat obscene. The Bas Dost deal is dragging its heels. All we want from this season going forward is excitement. Mario Balotelli provides that. He is still only 24, so if we were to bring him in on loan, have a couple of clauses in there to either cut it short if it goes pair shaped or a nominal fee to make it permanent if he is a revelation.

Bring him in I say. Got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Javier Hernandez Would Feel 'Important' Again At Newcastle Utd

Javier Hernandez is surplus to requirements at Man Utd and has returned from a 'frustrating' loan move at Real Madrid in his own words. He has described his time recently as 'being made to feel un-important' as he was restricted to a bit-part player at the Bernabeu, only making 13 starts throughout the whole season. This despite Karim Benzema being the only recognised top striker at the club.

Now seeing as we are crying out for a centre forward with the qualities to consistently bang them in in the Premier League, surely bringing in Chicharito on loan at the very least would be a no-brainer? If there is a club in the PL who make their strikers feel important its NUFC. No other club can compete with the love and worship the Toon Army bestow upon any individual who can find the back of the net.

A season at St James' Park could be the dream scenario for him as a player to feel loved again as well as to find his scoring boots. Whilst we as a club find that marksmen we can rely on to grab us 15+ goals in a season we have severely lacked since the likes of Demba Ba and Loic Remy felt being 3rd choice Chelsea striker was more appealing.

I am certain a man like McClaren would jump at the chance to work with a player with Hernandez's qualities as a talent as well as his hard work who, somewhat despicably, has been cast aside by Van Gaal in favour of the shadow of Falcao and an hastily ageing Van Persie last season. His time at Real didn't exactly show Van Gaal he was wrong so we could take advantage of this and bring in a player who was as sharp as anyone in the PL when he worked under Alex Ferguson.

Good in the air, clinical finisher, pace to burn & available on the cheap...a no-brainer surely?!

.....that's considering Lee Charnley has a brain. What does he actually do anyway...?

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Newcastle Utd Set To Make Steve McClaren Next Head Coach This Week

Derby County have sacked Steve McClaren and they hinted at the fact his link to the Newcastle job had some part in their nosedive in form this season which saw them drop from top of the Championship, to not even making the playoffs. Something McClaren was quick to deny in a statement of his own shortly after the news was released.

McClaren, allegedly, turned the Newcastle job down twice including just a few weeks ago when Derby were confirmed as missing out on the playoffs. However seeing as he is now jobless and Newcastle Utd are still managerlesx, it now seems certain that he will come together with Lee Charnley to sort out a contract as the next Head Coach Newcastle Utd. Or is it...?

Mike Ashley seems, if nothing else, a stubborn head strong man who doesn't think twice to burn bridges quickly without hesitation so the fact McClaren had his chance to join his club and refused it in favour of a Championship team may have ended any chance of the former England manager being named Toon boss. Albeit Ashley has made it clear in his recent TV interview (who saw that coming?) that Charnley and the football board make all the decisions on the next manager, the company he keeps don't seem to be that much different to him. So perhaps Charnleys 'pride' may block any future talks or the football board feel McClare showed a lack of desire to take the job and has practically 'blown it' so the club has moved on.

From my point of view I can't see such bridges being burned. It wouldn't really make much sense given the circumstances. At the end of the day McClaren basically showed loyalty to his employers which isn't a bad trait to have as a head coach is it? You would think Charnley and co would have seen that and understood it. Plus considering McClaren was identified as the man to take this club on nothing has changed in three weeks. One plus with McClaren being sacked, for especially Mike Ashley, is that there is no compensation to be paid now so you would think it's just a matter of time before Newcastle make their offer and finally have a long official chat.

I personally have no problem with Steve McClaren being the next man to take over. The club,
whether you agree or not, have made it clear they want a head coach to take control of the first team as Graeme Carr and co have the main say on transfers so considering this we can't do much worse then McClaren. I would go as far to say as he is probably the best English Head Coach we could possibly get. His previous experience down at Middlesbrough doesn't do him any harm in what to expect.

If we were to bring in a man from the continent, would he understand this club? He may admire it from a far and think he knows what to expect, but this club is unique. Even the most experienced of managers who have worked here STILL have no clue what this football club is about. You just have to listen to the insufferable Graeme Souness whenever he tries to offer his opinion about our clubs affairs to see his total ignorance. McClaren has been around a bit and has proven to be capable of handling difficult situations.

The England job did not exactly go well, but who exactly has been successful in the past 20 years? Even our king of all kings Kevin Keegan struggled as England boss but is arguably our best manager of all time. McClaren won a trophy at Middlesbrough which is more then we have done in my lifetime. He even took them to a European final. He went to Holland and won the league with a relatively small club in FC Twente. How many English managers can say they have done that. Obvious comparison is another hero of ours Sir Bobby. The comparisons are apt.

Steve McClaren is a top Head Coach. I believe he understands the club. He is available and no doubt interested. The shoe fits on all fronts so I expect this appointment to be made sooner rather then later as McClaren has already been on holiday as Derby's season finished weeks ago.

Whether McClaren will keep John Carver on as first team coach or otherwise is another story...!!

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

SkySports Have Shamelessly Switched Their Main Coverage To 'Hopefully' Show Newcastle Drop!

So all week we have seen that on Survival Sunday Hull vs Man Utd will be shown on SkySports 1 from 2pm with Newcastle vs West Ham on SkySports 3 from 2.55pm & Chelsea vs mackems on Sky1. Even though the mackems are now safe, they are still going to be shown as it will be Chelsea's title winning party with the trophy being lifted and all that nonsense. However Sky have decided to change their main coverage on SkySports 1 from the KC Stadium to St. James Park. How do they explain this?

It is clear that Hull City are the most likely team to go down and seeing as Arsenal failed to win last night, Man Utd are still technically in with a very outside shot at 3rd place on goal difference. So why would SkySports make a sudden U-turn in which stadium to send their head presenter & pundits to be at offering all of their wisdom? Well it's only for one reasonable explanation and that's because they want to be there to show our demise first hand. They want to crank up the pressure as much as they can to see the mighty Newcastle Utd deliver the perfect punchline of the nations favourite football joke, as we amazingly get relegated.

Now this isn't paranoia or some Geordie moaning about the world is against us and many other cliches, just look at the plain facts. If you were a television company and you had to choose a story to show and tell on Sunday, surely the one with two dramatic scenarios which Hull face right now is the best. They either miracously stay up with a win against Man Utd or they do indeed go down. The ecstasy and the agony of either one of these GUARANTEED scenes at the final whistle is exactly why they chose to have this match as their main game to begin with. It's obvious. Isn't it?

Well no, apparently not. Sky don't want that. They want something else. They want to see Newcastle's possible demise beyond anything Hull could provide. They want to be there when Newcastle Utd go down. They want to crank up the pressure as much as they can and build up the game for a whole hour (instead of the original 5 mins) as well as the days leading up to it. They want to leave no stone unturned in reminding footballing world, as well as NUFC themselves, what a disaster this season has been. What a disaster relegation would mean. What a joke this football club is. These scenario come Sunday is more important to them beyond anything else.

SkySports are choosing to switch theirs and in hand the footballing worlds attention to our game versus West Ham which could in theory be totally meaningless. We could get beat 10-0 on Sunday and it could not mean a thing if Hull fail in beating Man Utd. It's stunts like this that fuels my disgust and almost hatred towards this Murdoch money making machine joke of a broadcasting provider. What exactly are they trying to achieve IF they get what they want? Why is Newcastle Utd going down more important that if they have any influence over it actually happen, they will do it. With bells on!

We have been here before albeit in different circumstances. We have experienced this total lack of respect and blatant bias from these clown as far back as 20 years ago when we were actually trying achieve something remarkable in winning the title from the dominant Man Utd. Watching the games tick by on Sky comprehensive coverage that season you experienced an overwhelming feeling that Man Utd losing out on another title, after Blackburn won it a year earlier, would be a PR disaster for BSkyB. They couldn't have their ultimate cash cow lose again...surely not?!

Now as much as I didn't like it, I at least could understand it. What I don't understand is their latest stunt. Why are they almost begging to see our club be relegated to the Championship? Why? All we ever hear from Sky pundits is how we aren't a big club and are nothing but an also ran in the Premier League. How we are 'no where near as good as Stoke'. So why this obsession in seeing us fail? Sky were overjoyed with the mackems saving themselves, again, last night. Will they be the same on Sunday with Newcastle?

Have a think about it. Will Sky Sports on Sunday at the final whistle be congratulating Newcastle Utd in getting the result they need in staying in the Premier League if we pull it off or will they totally ignore that and head straight over to the KC Stadium to console Steve Bruce and the Hull players for putting up a brave fight? What do you think?! Am I wrong? Are you expecting anything other then this?

Am I paranoid? No. Because what I'm saying is perfectly true. Sky don't have any interest in being at St James Park to see if we can survive and are their to congratulate us for doing so. They are their for only one thing. To see us lose, to see us go down and to rub as much salt in the wound as they can find to pander to this culture in English football at 'laughing at daft Geordies crying at football matches'. You all know it and no one can deny it.

Not even I saw this latest stunt from Sky Sports coming. I saw they had Hull, correctly, as their main game to be there if either the miracle is produced or relegation is confirmed  and thought nothing else of it. Seeing now that they have decided to switch this focus to our games instead, which I repeat will be totally MEANINGLESS of Hull don't win, is a total disgrace. It's nothing but another example of how Sky Sports decide to 'promote' our football club.

They don't just pander to the notion of the Daft Geordie nation...they created it!

See you all on Sunday. Dont forget...its SkySports1 now!

Utterly Shameless.

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