How Mike Ashley can get away with this latest stunt is ridiculous

Another home defeat for the Toon with another two goals conceded. We had never started a season losing our first four home games in a row, but that stat has well and truly gone. We are in dire straits.
Jamie Vardy converted a softly awarded penalty before Harry Maguire sealed our fate late in the second half, as the England heroes put us to the sword. I don’t even remember the last time we had an England hero, that tells its own story.
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Mike Ashley was in the crowd We had an extra guest in the stadium on Saturday afternoon in the rotund shape of Mike Ashley. The Newcastle Utd owner has had the nerve to show his face at two games in a row now, after he sneaked into watch us at Palace last week. 
How 50,000 angry and disillusioned Geordies can allow thi…

Incompetence or Lies?!

I thought things were too quiet and going too smoothly.....Boom they have done it AGAIN!

Are our illustrious leaders capable of anything commercially sound and intelligent?!!

What does he thinks this change is going to do amongst fans? Anger mainly. So why would any company want to associate themselves with a hate campaign......and pay for the privilage? Why would any compnay want to go into any financial deal with these clowns? Why would any company pay money to actually compete with the Sports Direct brand thats filled the stadium for next to nothing, when they would have to pay £10mil a season for the privilege?! Why would any company decide to buy the rights to St James, sorry Sports Direct Arena (awful), now when they have been up for grabs for 2 years?...because St James is suddenly not in the part?!!! Is this how companies decide to whether or not to sponsor a stadium or not, by looking at what the name is now and deciding...our name sounds better dont you think!!!!!

[B]WHAT IS THIS??!!!!!?!![/B]

Its bull****!

Its the typical conclusion to EVERYTHING MA and DL come up with.

Its either totally [B]INCOMPETENT[/B] and never going to happen. Or. Its a total [B]LIE[/B] to cover up what they really want and thats simply to promote his OWN company.

What do you reckon this time? [B]Incompetence[/B] or [B]Lies[/B]?

What we all know is going to be the scenario come next season is NUFC will have SportsDirect sponsors and play their home games @ Sport Direct Arena (which we all know Sky Sports will jump all over with a HUGE smug smile mocking us as they say it every week) for a significant time to come!

F*ck. Off.


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