The Words Of Mr Derek Llambias

Dirty Del has been all over the web today with interview quotes stretching from 'Why he sacked Hughton', to 'Cheik Tiote is very much up for sale' to 'Him and Mike don't even call it Sports Direct Arena'

If you haven't caught some of 'em, here they are:

Not that I really take anything he says to heart given the fact he is a proven liar who would say anything to cover himself and his employer with glory. But taking into account what he has to say, it's always nice to have a little bit more of an incite as to how Laurel and Hardy operate and think.

To sum up some of his waffle; Chris Hughton was sacked because he was too nice and didn't tell Derek to go f*ck himself now and again...ok then fair enough. Apparently Pardew can, which is nice to know.
Cheik Tiote is definitely for sale this summer and Derek is practically asking for offers with some of his quotes which I find distasteful and disappointing. Every NUFC fan would love Cheik to stay as he is the biggest cult hero we have. The only thing we can cling to is it will only take a huge fee to prize him away, which hopefully won't come or will be on the Andy Carroll scale. He also mentions how NUFC conduct transfers, also that Pardew himself gets involved in the financial side as well, which is also good. He also mentions that he rings the NUFC accountant and asks him how much money their is...little strange, but their we are. But most strange of all is his defiant, seemingly misplaced comments about the stadium name change. He says, ' you think me and Mike call it Sports Direct Arena? We call is St James' Park, because it is St James' Park.' So the first thing that springs to mind to every NUFC fan is, Why the f*ck did you take the disgusting decision to actually physically remove the St James' sign outside the ground? What was the point. You call it St James', we call it St James' leave the f*cker alone!

Speaking of the Sports Direct Arena, part-time teenage fans (wearing Sports Direct gear by the way) were ripping down signs last night in the ground at the reserve derby game. which finished 3-3. It halted the game for a short while as the stewards cleared up a sign that was thrown onto the pitch. Now I am not one to be on the side of obvious imbeciles, but I have to smirk at the gesture. Nobody wants them dogsh*t eyesores in the ground, so do us all a favour and take 'em down. DL and MA are lucky we are doing well this season, otherwise 50,000 Geordies may have ripped down all of 'em by now in disgust.

The puppet has spoken...until next time.

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