NUFC's Premier League Legacy Is - Resilience

You can almost relegate us to the third tier of football...we'll get promoted to the Premiership the next season.
You can sell our best player to Man Utd...we'll replace him with a better player and challenge for the league.
You can take away our manager half way through a season...we'll still qualify for the Champions League.
You can sell all of our top player and replace them with Dad's Army...we'll still beat Barcelona.
You can beat us in the FA Cup Final...we'll come back again next year.
You can leave us in the relegation zone after losing to Sun'lund...we'll stay up and get back to Wembley.
You can give us a season of mid-table medocrity...we'll qualify for the Champions League the season after.
You can beat us in the first 3 games of a Champions League group...we'll win the next 3 to qualify, making history.
You can beat us in a Champions League qualifier...we'll get to a European Semi instead.
You can take away a great manager and replace him with a useless c*nt...we'll still get to the Millenium Stadium Semi Final and a European Qtr's.
You can cripple the club financially and bring it to it knees...we'll find a man with more money than sense to take it on without knowing what he was buying.
You can relegate us to the Championship and make us a national laughing stock...we'll bounce straight back with a 100 point tally and have the laugh straight back at you.
You can write us off and say we are going straight back down...we'll stay up easily as well as hit the mackem's for 5.
You can go 4-0 up...we'll score 4 back, making history.
You can sell our key players...we'll replace them with better ones.
You can collectively all come together and say we are going to be relegated again...we'll qualify for the Champions League....

...won't we?

You can deny us a trophy for 40 years...we'll keep on coming, we'll keep on trying. 

Say what you want about trophies this or spending lots of money on can kick us in the balls with everything you've got. We can take it and come straight back...stronger.

I love my football club. Resilience is our legacy.

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