Typical NUFC

After the Brighton debacle, it was inevitable that we would go down to Blackburn and win. However, even the amount of luck on our side was cynically laughable. Where has lady luck been?!

Blackburn basically battered our goal and came away with a 2-0 loss. Over 20 shots and 14 corners Blackburn had last night and a penalty kick. We come away with a clean sheet. Unbelievable.

Not that I'm complaining but we could have done with a bit of luck down at Brighton in the FA Cup. In saying that I'm a believer in you make your own luck. We stuck in at Blackburn, we fought for the cause and got the luck you could say we deserved......we got exactly what we deserved at Brighton. F*ck all.

We're now 5th in the league and only 3 points off Chelsea. I've said earlier in the season that we should be aiming for Champions League and see where it takes us. I'm more inclined to just take one game at a time because we know how NUFC works, we'll start to believe and then go and lose against Villa on Sunday.

But I'm not thinking negative. Last night was a good hard fought win. Perch had his best game for us since he signed 18 months ago and even Obertan came on and scored the settler. Now that is a strange game if ever i saw one!

Bring on Villa on Sunday. Bring on Arsenal, Liverpool and even Chelsea for the rest of the season!


Its about time she came and gave us a visit

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