One Big Thing I Hate About Pardew

His attitude.

This is what Pardew's attitude towards that game was at Brighton:

Pre-match: Negative and fearful of what the opposition might do. Sent his team out with the same pathetic attitude.

During the 1st half: Negative and fearful of going for the win, even though it was quite obvious Brighton had NOTHING going for them. They were sh*t.

After half time: Negative and gutless. It was clear Brighton were there for the taking. He should have switched to 4-4-2 and gone for it. There right back was their for the taking, even Chris Waddle could see it!

Then the f*ckers score a ridiculous goal: Then decides to go for it, even though it's far too late. But does so by bringing off HBA and Guthrie and bring on Gosling, Raylor and Ferguson, leaving Lovernkrands and Obertan on the bench.....WTF?!!!!

Final whistle gone: We lose. Inevitably. However, he comes out after the game and blames a lack of quality. No, Alan. A lack of f*cking balls you negative, tripe spewing tw@. You telling me Brighton had more quality then us? You telling me Best, Shola, HBA and Lovehandles isnt enough to score against that sh*t Brighton defence.

You can take your 7th place in the league and shove it up your sh*t scared, opposition fearing, boll*ckless, negative, excuse filled, tripe spewing ass.

Another FA Cup year down the f*cking drain due to a pathetic, gutless, unambitious, sh*t scared attitude.

Different players and manager, same old team.

Just f*ck off!

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