Can Anyone Work Pardew Out?

Can anyone work Pardew out? Im not saying he is wrong, i'm just looking for an explanation as to why he chooses certain things for others? Because even though I disagree with him at times (or other people), you at least understand where they are coming from.


a) Ben Arfa doesn't start.
b) Our tactics were to 'hoof it' which were abysmal.
c) Our best passer comes off injured, so he brings on HBA.
d) With our best passer off the pitch, we ditch the long ball to play passing football...?
e) We had Best left wing, HBA right wing, Raylor in centre midfield, Jonas in the 'free role'
f) He brings Perch on then plays Jonas left wing, Raylor in the 'free role'
g) Considering HBA played on the right wing of a 5 man midfield, why didnt he start their then, or play their earlier in the season?
h) Considering hoof ball is total b*llocks, why didnt he start with 4-5-1?
i) Since when does Jonas suddenly become the free role man instead of HBA?, he did will mind.
j) Best left wing? Really? He did ok.
k) How poor are QPR and that must be our worst win of the season taking over from the Wigan game.

Work the above out and we win 1-0 and sit 6th after 21 games.

Howay the lads!


He's got a plan.....but what is it exactly?

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