Mike Ashley is a small-time, cheap, unambitious, pig-headed, clueless, stubborn fool

Mike Ashley has done a lot of things at Newcastle. Most of it inconceivable to a Newcastle fan. But his latest venture in making Rafa Benitez' time on Tyneside untenable tops the lot.

The question is why is he doing what he is doing? Why is he blatantly refusing to support him and not making every effort to keep him here for years to come?
Some say it's perhaps there is a possible sale of the club in the offing so for him to spend any money isn't in his interest, nor is the future of the club. This is wide of the mark IMO. 
Others say it's because he refuses to allow a manager with one year left on his contract to spend money on players and then leave at the end of the year, which would then leave a scenario of a new manager wanting his own players. This is closer to the mark IMO.
But even this doesn't really make sense as the ONLY way Rafa would sign a new deal is if the club back him. Not the other way round that Ashley wants it. If you sign a deal, then we will s…

Captain Colo's Contract

Anyone else worried at the lack of progress in Colo's contract?

The lad turned 30 the other day and is on around £70k a week, above our wage cap. We all saw what the mob did with Nolan and Barton regarding their contracts....get rid.

I am concerned that laurel and hardy will look at him and say he's not getting any younger, he isn't going to get any quicker, lets save/make a bit of ££ and get rid.

Wouldn't surprise me one little bit.

Sign him up! Danny Guthrie too, he's been outstanding this season.