High Level Physios On Red Alert!

Cant decide whether I despise @themichaelowen, or just pity his delusion. 

The ex-nufc 'employee' has been released by Manure after 3 years of countless injuries, goals against lower league opposition and incredible shameless behaviour which makes you actually question the state of his mental health. Michael Jackson thought he was Peter Pan, I don't know who the f*ck Michael Owen thinks he is?

He's made the odd (and I mean odd) quote since being released;

"I've trained at a high level for 3 years?" Wow, someone give him a medal. Why is it footballers train again? It's something to do with then going onto being able to play isn't it? Something like that.

"I joined Man Utd to train with top players and at a high level" Why didnt you join a team to PLAY at a high level? You delusional pr*ck. 3 years of your short career have been flushed down the toilet. Do none of his mates tell him these things? Does he hire yes men to play golf with him?

"I dont see why I should drop down to the championship, whenever I have played for United I have scored everytime". Oh dear, where to begin. a) You didn't score everytime you played, b) When you did score, it was mainly against lower league opponents, c) You dont deserve to play at a high level, because basically, you haven't been PLAYING at the highest level for 3 f*cking years.

The arrogance and delusion of this man is incredible. The fact he snapped up the most famous shirt in Manchester Utd history when he joined, even though he was what? 5th choice striker? Just shows how much of an absolute c*nt he is.

I've decided. I despise him.

Good luck with the new brochure in finding yourself a physio who works at the highest level in taking you on.

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