Do We Actually Need A New Top Class Centre Back?

I am more than happy to have Saylor and Captain Colo as our first choice centre back pairing next season, as long as Saylor's injury is fully heeled. So the question has to be asked is do we actually need a brand new expensive centre back like Vertonghen for example?

A man like Vertonghan isn't going to be on the bench and neither is Colo and I don't see why Saylor should miss out. He was class before his injury. So unless we bring in a centre back and do the following:

a) Play him at left back so all three can play together.
b) Play him at CB with Colo and Saylor plays RB
c) Play all 3 in a Wigan like formation with Jonas and Santon at WB

I am more than happy to bring in a young decent CB who is more than happy to be left out as long as he gets his chances in the right games. Similar to what Seb Bassong was. Basically bring in somebody to replace Willo because as much as he has done ok in certain games, he has been horrendous in others embarrassing the whole club with awful melt downs at Wigan, Fulham and Spurs. Willo was clearly responsible for most of the goals conceded in these write off's. Man City's 2nd goal on Sunday was another example of Willo's lack of positional sense. What was he doing standing 2 yards further forward than the full back? Clichy just slipped it in behind him to Yaya Toure and said thanks very much. Terrible.

With also the emergence of Perchy, having Saylor and Colo as first choice with a talented new signing in the wings and Perchy as back up, is enough for me to be satisfied with....with Willo as 5th choice in case of an injury crisis.

Whether a man like Douglas would be happy to sit on the bench is questionable plus others we have been linked with, so I reckon a young CB with potential is where we should be looking and use the big buck's to land an attacking player we can marvel over........Adam Johnson would be nice.

In Carr we trust.


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