Have You Took Part In 'The Big Toon Survey - Survey' Yet?!

Did you take part in the Evening Chronicles original 'Big Toon Survey'? Have you seen the results of which and how they were reported? Whether you have or you haven't...have you took part in The Big Toon Survey - Survey yet?! If not, then read on...

If you're unsure what this is all about than I will quickly explain. This new survey is a direct opportunity for fans to express how they feel about The Evening Chronicles 'Big Toon Survey' and its findings. The reason being 'thousands' of fans took part in the Chronicles survey and many of them are dismayed at how the results of which have been reported and represented.

If you are unaware of how the results and its 'findings' were expressed than you can see for yourself here Alan Pardew Backed By 95% Of Fans Chronicle Poll Reveals. Now many fans, including myself who filled in the Big Toon Survey, were shocked and taken back by how The Chronicle and Lee Ryder reported these findings. At no stage was the question of 'Do you back Alan Pardew?' asked and therefore is impossible to claim one way or another for this highly suggestive headline. As for the content of the article, neither were we asked at any stage whether we felt 'Pardew was the man to take Newcastle to the next level'.

Now many fans felt like their answers were misrepresented and their opinion compromised by Lee Ryder's article. Reasons as to why he and the newspaper would do such a thing are officially unknown, however unofficially fans have their own possible reasons why. As far as I am concerned that side of the issue is for another day and I am choosing to focus on what we do know and the facts of the matter. For now at least...

You can read the full story on the issue here Evening Chronicle Misrepresented 56% Of Fans Survey Reveals where you will also see the first stage of results and findings to every question of the new survey at the stage of release on Tuesday evening. This survey was originally sent out to a proportion of fans who had filled in the original Chronicle survey to have their input at first hand. The survey has now been left open since then for any fans who wish to contribute to it and have their own say, whether they took part in the Evening Chronicle's survey or not, everybody is welcome.

The survey can be found here The Big Toon Survey - Survey and the updated results of which will be released at some point in the near future. Make sure you check out the article on the matter whilst you do. All that is asked when you fill in the survey is that you are honest. It's as simple as that. Good luck. There is no time limit... ; D

You can also see the full list of questions, results and expanded answers of the original findings at our 'sister' site that first sent out the survey here Benny In The Hole - Survey Results Are In

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