Pardew To Recieve 10 Game Ban And Sit Out The Season

Unbelievable scenes down at the KC Stadium on Saturday as Newcastle ran out easy 4-1 winners however this fantastic result was totally overshadowed by Alan Pardew being sent off for an apparent headbutt of a Hull City player. Now those are words I never thought I would be writing. Newcastle manager headbutts a player...what?!

The FA will no doubt make an example of Pardew which will most likely be a 10 game ban minimum, basically the rest of the season, for this ridiculous incident not the least for being involved in touchline incidents in the past. He pushed a linesman for not giving a throw in last season and he was caught on camera shouting "you old ****" at Man City boss Pelegrinni a few weeks ago. This latest incident tops the lot however as a Premier League manager throwing a headbutt at an opposition player during a game is beyond unacceptable. It's shameful.

What on earth goes on in Pardews head sometimes is beyond me and that is just his managerial decisions or his baffling media quotes. I never thought he would stoop as low as fancying himself that much to throw a headbutt at a player just because he pushed him out the way as he retrieved the ball on the sidelines. I knew Pardew was a an arrogant tw@ but this is astounding. What has turned my stomach even more is his attitude towards the whole thing afterwards.

He immediately came out onto Sky Sports and did an interview to explain what he had done. Sickeningly he tried to typically make light of the situation and actually make a joke about it. "I won't be standing on the touch line any more that's for sure" he smirkingly came out with. Yes Alan, you don't know how right you may be...

After he pushed a linesman last season he expressed himself in the exact same fashion with underlying arrogance as he made total light of the fact he placed his hands on an official and physically pushed him as he carried out his work. He got away with that one cheaply but he certainly won't be getting away with this one as lightly. The FA are expected to throw the book at Pardew big time and I for one hope they do. Big time. The action by NUFC on this makes me ashamed. Formal warning...are you having a laugh?!

This latest incident may seem like a joke to some fans but Newcastle Utd Football Club will be making headlines across the world for all the wrong reasons over this. Managers headbutting players is a thing of make believe, not reality. Ive seen managers kick each other on the sidelines or give one of there own players a little slap in the dug out in places like Italy but for a manager to physically attempt to attack an opposition player with a headbutt, especially in the Premier League, is beyond belief.

Once again our Football club is a laughing stocking in the footballing world and I never thought it would be because of something like this. I thought I had seen it all with our own players fighting on the pitch with Dyer & Bowyer plus the endless shambles Mike Ashley has been responsible for but this latest embarrassment is very hard to take in. Pardew himself has caused me to choke on my cornflakes once before in the past as casually had motd 2 on one Sunday evening, as described Michael Essien of 'raping a player' with a strong challenge.

For me the FA will most likely give Pardew a 10 game ban which is basically a ban until the end of the season. In my wildest dreams I was hoping Ashley would relieve Pardew of his duties for gross misconduct which would avoid having to pay him a massive amount of money for merely sacking him. But no, a fine and a warning is all he got. Pardew has no class whatsoever and neither does Ashley. What does Pardew have to do to get the sack then?? Kill somebody?!

The FA should rightfully come down hard on our shameful manager. Assaulting a player and still carrying on his role can surely not look good for them and more importantly, will definitely not look good for our club. Newcastle acting so quickly has pretty much stopped any chance of the
FA giving our club decision makers an ultimatum in sacking Pardew which is probably the whole reason behind it. Crafty buggers our lot.

We won't be able to shift this cockney nutter it seems no matter what he does. Ruin the team, drag the club down or assault somebody. Do what you want can not be sacked.

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  1. About time the brought back a green and yellow shirt. Pity this one sucks.