Dear NUFC Fans, We're Around 6/1 To Be Relegated. TAKE IT!

Getting relegated will set this football club back for years to come and the financial impact will have inconceivable repercussions. The amount of money we will miss out on from Sky's ridiculous new TV deal is eye watering. Whereas other clubs as small as my now local team AFC Bournemouth will be raking it in instead. It's sickening.

Nothing will make us feel any better if we do go down however that doesn't mean we can't be compensated in some way. Checking out the latest odds you can get around 6/1 for Newcastle to be relegated, so why not stick what you can afford on that happening? You won't celebrate if the bet comes in but at least you will have a night out paid for as you drown your sorrows.

This football club has given us nothing for a long time. Make yourself some money from this misery. Take the best odds you can and have a bit of income come in from Mike Ashley's train wreck.

I have and I hope I lose my bet royally. If I don't lose and it pays out...that's at least some compensation. I suggest you do the same. Why not? They owe you.

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  1. People used to call Freddy Shepherd, but at least he put his hand in his pocket. The Fat Controller has simply ruined our club and nothing will change for as long as he is at the helm. Bugger off over the bloody border !

    1. It's one extreme to the other which sums up this club perfectly.

      .....wish I had a spare billion going.

  2. what for ? so you can bet we will be relegated and make yourself a few quid..
    are you sure your not from scumderland?

  3. so ashley loses out on a few quid if we get relegated, so what?
    as a fan if hes not investing in my team, i dont care if he gets any cash.
    in fact i think it will be funny that he misses out on the biggest payday he could have had.
    the only way he will leave is when it commercially does not make sense to be here.