Stats - A 2 Sided Coin

NUFC continue to be written off from most websites, pundits and experts complete with the magical power of 'stats' and 'facts' to back them up.

Its great how every website I see says "They have had favourable fixtures", "They have only played one team currently in the top half", "It wont last" or my personal favourite "They have ridden their luck".

People love to use 'stats' to back up their own argument. Which is largely against NUFC typically. So lets do it from our own perspective shall we...

Last time I checked Arsenal, Villa away, Wolves away were considered tough games in the Premier League. A Tyne Wear derby is always considered a battle, never mind being away from home. QPR away isn't exactly an easy game either (seeing as pundits continue to have them down as a home win every time they play).

This only played one team currently in the top half is a farce of a 'stat'. Seeing as Arsenal are one of the bottom half teams and lets be logical for a second............the reason these teams are in the bottom half is because we have contributed to them being there!!! No?!! Is that not a fact?

2 sides to every stat.