The shocking truth behind Newcastle's failure on Kenedy deal. It's totally unacceptable...


As a Newcastle fan, it is obvious our window was beyond a joke built up of lies and misery. However, I just want to make clear to everyone how either incompetent our administration is or how scumbaggery they are towards our official 'UEFA Elite Coach' Rafa Benitez. Or perhaps they are both.

We had in place a deal for Chelsea left back Kenedy sorted TWO WEEKS AGO but it could only be finalised once Chelsea brought in a first team wing back themselves. Fine.

Oxlade-Chamberlain was their first choice but that fell through on Deadline Day morning as he joined Liverpool. So, my amazing club concluded that the Kenedy deal was off.
Now, this is where some serious explaining needs to happen, as at 2.30pm Chelsea agreed a fee for Zappacosta in light of missing out on the Ox. The whole football world knew this as the fact he had Costa in his name brought great attention. So, the Kenedy deal to NUFC is back on right? Apparently no.

Despite there being a good eight hours or so for Newcastle to get in contact with Chelsea and sort out arrangements for Kenedy making his way to the North East in anticipation of the Zappacosta signing, which in turn we could confirm Kenedy...Newcastle Utd announced at 7 pm that they had shut up shop with no more business for the day.

Are you having a laugh?
Rafa Benitez has woke up this morning to a first team that is minus a left back. A left back that he had lined up a fortnight ago. Chelsea have their new wing back in place to make the deal happen, so why don't we have it sorted?

Where is Kenedy? Why was he not on Tyneside when the news broke at 2pm on Deadline Day that Chelsea were signing the wing-back they needed? Why was the Kenedy loan deal not completed, literally, a minute after the Zappacosta deal?

This isn't due to time restraints as Zappacosta was in place many, many hours before the window was due to shut. If the Zappacosta deal somehow fell through, then Kenedy would too. That's fine.

But to not have Kenedy at the training ground last night with his medical done and dusted and the deal at that point just being a case of waiting for the nod from Chelsea after they confirm Zappacosta, is totally unforgivable for its senseless incompetence.
Newcastle Utd is ran by con men who should be nowhere near the positions they hold. A 15-year-old boy addicted to Football Manager could conduct transfer activity better than them. Or maybe it's down to they just don't WANT to bring any players in. That means spending money. Which we all know Premier League clubs don't have right....?

So in which case...what are you doing here? Get out of my club. What possible enjoyment do Ashley and his administration get out of it? Name me one thing? Shambles. This Kenedy deal may seem not like a big deal, but it could be the straw that broke the camels back.

If Rafa walks, everybody else should too. Fans first, then Ashley will follow. It's the only way to get rid of him. He isn't interested in owning a club with an empty stadium. He will sell and we can finally move on.

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