One Big Thing I Hate About Pardew

His attitude.

This is what Pardew's attitude towards that game was at Brighton:

Pre-match: Negative and fearful of what the opposition might do. Sent his team out with the same pathetic attitude.

During the 1st half: Negative and fearful of going for the win, even though it was quite obvious Brighton had NOTHING going for them. They were sh*t.

After half time: Negative and gutless. It was clear Brighton were there for the taking. He should have switched to 4-4-2 and gone for it. There right back was their for the taking, even Chris Waddle could see it!

Then the f*ckers score a ridiculous goal: Then decides to go for it, even though it's far too late. But does so by bringing off HBA and Guthrie and bring on Gosling, Raylor and Ferguson, leaving Lovernkrands and Obertan on the bench.....WTF?!!!!

Final whistle gone: We lose. Inevitably. However, he comes out after the game and blames a lack of quality. No, Alan. A lack of f*cking balls you negative, tripe spewing tw@. You telling me Brighton had more quality then us? You telling me Best, Shola, HBA and Lovehandles isnt enough to score against that sh*t Brighton defence.

You can take your 7th place in the league and shove it up your sh*t scared, opposition fearing, boll*ckless, negative, excuse filled, tripe spewing ass.

Another FA Cup year down the f*cking drain due to a pathetic, gutless, unambitious, sh*t scared attitude.

Different players and manager, same old team.

Just f*ck off!

Ever Heard Of NUCOS?

I'm going to make a prediction. Do you want to know who will be challenging for the league title in a few years time, lets say the 2015/16 season?

Newcastle United.

Why? It's simple. NUCOS. What's that then? Well, it's a little formula I've come up with that stands for Newcastle Utd Cycle Of Success.

What this consist's of is a policy of only buying quality players ages 18-26, for a reasonable price, building a quality team with them, if a transfer bid of anything above £15mil at least comes in for one of these stars, then they sell the player, then bring in another 18-26 year old of similar quality for a fraction of the price.

What the above fits into perfectly is the soon to be realised UEFA financial fair play rules very, very nicely.

But why would Newcastle be challenging for the title? Well....

Man City - They will no doubt be up their, however the days of being able to spend £100mil on players will be over due to the UEFA FFR, unless they sell to pay for it. So the gulf shouldn't be as wide as you may think. Although they will no doubt be the big hitters.

Man Utd - Alex Ferguson will be gone by 2015/16, you would think. If not gone, then definitely over the hill. So a Man Utd without him is a totally different breed. They will be trying to create 'a legacy' by this stage and a transitional period will be in full swing. I'm sure they will be up their in the top 4, however, they will be what Arsenal are today. Also rans.

Chelsea - Similar to both of the above. Fair play rules means Abramovich will no longer be able to go out and buy a Torres, and that's even if he will still be their. Which I  doubt. How bored will he be at not being able to flex his financial muscle as much as would like. Does a £15mil signing excite him? Doubtful.

Tottenham - Spurs are reliant on 'Arry at the moment. A lot. He will be a failed England manager at best or a has been who is in jail for financial misgivings at worst. Either way, he will be long gone as far as Spurs are concerned and will have slipped into Premier League also rans again.

Arsenal - Wenger will be gone. They're fans will be disillusioned. They wont be able to fill a stadium. If they do, it will be full of cynical boo-ers who talk long and hard about 'the invincible' days and how good they used to be. Too reliant on Wenger, not that they realise it.

Liverpool - Once Kenny has finally completed his mission of spending far too much money on players that dont make a difference to the team, they will be left in a bit of a shambles. The onwers will have probably cut their losses and went back to America. Leaving the club in a Uefa Financial Fair Play nightmare. They could be the first team to be banned from Europe due their spending. Either them or Man City....

Which leave the Toon. When NUFC have a good team, they have a good season. When they have momentum to go with it, they have a great season. By the time 2015 comes along they will be totally self-sufficient, will have a team to be proud of and have a transfer and scouting policy that many teams will be envious of. Plus, unlike all of the above they will not be reliant on one man. It's almost irrelevant who their manager will be as long as he isnt a total dunce (like Joe Kinnear for e.g.) 

Let's look at the team now, that could be their still in 3 years time:

Tim Krul - He looks class now. In 3 years he will be 26 years old and one of, if not the best keeper in the league. Even if NUFC do sell him, then they will find themselves a Vorm for the fraction of the obscene fee a Real Madrid might pay for him.

Steven Taylor - In 3 years he will be Toon captain and England regular. Remember, Terry and Ferdinand will be long gone. He has finally fulfilled his potential this season. Watch him grow.

Davide Santon - In 3 years he will be in the Italy team with no doubts whatsoever. The next Maldini will be, well, the next Maldini. If a Milan or Inter bring him back to Italy, how much will the best Italian full back cost them? A lot.

Yohan Cabaye and Cheik Tiote - Name me a better centre midfield partnership in the league this year. Parker/Modric maybe. But as a partnership, they are the best. Both can tackle, pass, shoot, cross, create, work hard etc etc. They are immense now. In 3 years they will be 28 and 29. Rock solid. Once again, you wanna buy one? Get the gold plated cheque book out.

Hatem Ben Arfa - This boy is class. He is as talented as a David Silva and Juan Mata but without the 'Spanish' tag thats around these days. He has scored 3 goals and grabbed 2 assists in the 2 games he started in the past 7 games. Once Obertan is finally dispanded, watch this boy flourish. In 3 years he will be 27 and in the prime of his life. Cant wait.

Demba Ba - You've seen him. Best striker in the league? RVP has more goals, but can he dominate like this boy? Questionable. Once this contract release clause get's sorted, you want him? Bring a few a briefcases filled with rubies, diamonds and a Pharaohs precious gold. If NUFC do sell, they will find another Demba on a free transfer. Genius.

Are you starting to catch my drift?

NUFC have the stadium in place. The fans chomping at the bit. The players. The perfect financial policy. The untouchable scouting system.

As long as Mike Ashley doesn't f*ck up the perfectly laid plans he has put in place.....then you see where Newcastle will be after Fergie/Wenger/Abamovich/Redknapp are gone. When UEFA's Financial Fair Play rules are part of the course across the world of football. When big team's with big wallets can no longer just dominate buy buying countless players at a time but have to pick and choose carefully with one big signing per season that their spoilt fans will demand.....which will probably be a Newcastle player for £15mil plus, which they will replace with a 18 -26 year old of similar quality, for a fraction of the price. Or in other words; NUCOS.

The future's's black 'n' white.

Captain Colo's Contract

Anyone else worried at the lack of progress in Colo's contract?

The lad turned 30 the other day and is on around £70k a week, above our wage cap. We all saw what the mob did with Nolan and Barton regarding their contracts....get rid.

I am concerned that laurel and hardy will look at him and say he's not getting any younger, he isn't going to get any quicker, lets save/make a bit of ££ and get rid.

Wouldn't surprise me one little bit.

Sign him up! Danny Guthrie too, he's been outstanding this season.

Fulham Game



Who Is Senegal's Best Striker?

Seeing as we all suddenly have a resounding interest in Senegal, I have a question. Just who is the best striker they have?

We all got a bit wet in the pants a couple days ago when we signed Papista Cisse (Demba calls him Papista so I do now as well) but now that the dust has settled down a question to ask is, is he even the best Senegal have to offer?

Moussa Sow is a name that gets banded about every transfer window and when you look at his CV, he was top scorer in the French league last year with Cabaye winning the title at Lille. Mamadou Niang is Senegal's captain, so you assume he will be starting every game and Camara is in at Montpellier who re flying high in Ligue 1 this season. So will we even see that much of the Ba/Cisse partnership?

Also a question worth asking is, have we even bought the best possible option we could....or even the best Senegal striker?

(unless he was here already)

A Quick Point About The Media

I'd like to point out the fact that in the Tuesday gossip and rumour columns throughout the land, not ONE has the words Cisse or Newcastle Utd anywhere near them.

However, the fact NUFC had set up this transfer on Monday evening to be concluded the following day seemed to be the best kept mission in history.

Seriously, if the biggest transfer of the threadbare window so far can be totally missed in every way before the lad actually turned up at the training ground with a fee already agreed, then the whole 'gossip', 'rumour' and 'transfer window updates' are a total fail, joke and embarrassingly pointless. Fore shame!

You 'know' Fuck All!

Aim For The Champions League!

I think we are pretty nailed on for 7th place at least this season, who is going to stop us..Stoke? Everton? Mackems? No chance.

So why don't we aim for 4th?

Liverpool and Arsenal continue to throw in dodgy results. Arse keep losing away from home and scouse keep drawing at home. Chelsea are capable of throwing in an Aston Villa result also. Even the mackems should have took a point from Stamford Bridge if it wasn't for the finishing skills of Niclas Bendtner.

We have nothing to lose this season and the wind in our sails. Those teams should be genuinely looking at us and be worried. We're a genuine wildcard in the race for 4th.

Now we have a new No.9, we are an even stronger unit then the one that completely smashed Man Utd the other week. We should also be expecting a centre back of some description to cover any short comings soon. We're looking good.

The fixtures without Ba, Tiote and now Cisse are massive if we are to genuinely challenge for 4th because if we pick a handsome amount of points, then those lads will come into the squad to hit the remaining months of the season with all guns blazing.

Chelsea are disillusioned at not being title contenders this season, Arsenal are the same old Arsenal and Liverpool are getting more frustrated with every 0-0 draw at home week after week. They are there for the taking.

None of us expected to finish 4th in 2002, but we did and built on it. Our strongest team is a match for anyone and is capable of playing anyone off the park, just ask Fergie.

Let's go for it! Nothing to lose, everything to gain! If we just fall short, we wont exactly be disappointed will we?.......considering everyone 'knew' we were going to be relegated this season...!!


Done Deal: NUFC Sign New No.9 Papiss Demba Cisse

It's official, on a whirlwind afternoon and what seemed a long evening, Papiss Demba Cisse is a NUFC player and takes on the infamous No.9 shirt.

He's signed on a 5 and half year deal for £7.5million, rising to £9million, and joins up with his Senegalese strike partner Demba Ba. Both will be away playing in the ACoN for a few weeks but (hopefully) will be flying back together to reform their partnership in the black n white!

Cisse has scored 9 goals in the Bundesliga this season and scored 22 in total in the previous season. Only Mario Gomez of Bayern Munich has scored more in 2011.

We all hope this signing is to create a partnership with Ba, rather than to replace him, given the undoubted untrustworthy nature of Ashley and Llambias. We will all understandably be waiting for this transfer window to close with Ba still here.

This transfer has been a long time coming, a whole year in fact, since we sold Andy Carroll for a ridiculous £35million. Finally Mike Ashley showing some ambition?

Funnily enough, at 1 o clock this afternoon it was a pretty boring and mundane day with no news whatsoever to talk about. Then suddenly a fee was agreed, he was on Tyneside for his medical and then he was signed up! Unbelievable.

Excitement is back on the Toon as the skyline has been overcome with a swarm of moths after Ashley actually opened his wallet!!

Should be a good signing and may be the difference between a good season, to a great one!

Welcome to Newcastle Papiss Demba Cisse!

NUFC Newest No. 9

NUFC Set To Sign Striker Papiss Demba Cisse?

Some breaking news today that NUFC are in talks with Freiburg for their star striker Papiss Demba Cisse. Cisse is an international teammate and strike partner with Demba Ba for Senegal so if he were to sign and Demba was to stay, they should work pretty much instantly you would feel.

He has a decent record this season with 9 goals and Freiburg are wanting around £10million. Seems a bit steep for Ashley but it looks like he is opening his's about time!

It also goes to show that when Pardew comes out with 'we have abandoned our search for a striker' earlier in the year, these quotes should always be taken with a pinch of salt.....amongst other tripe he comes out with.

Given the choice between Maiga or Cisse, I would take this lad. He seems stronger, more prolific and a lot more of a centre forward then Maiga, who seems more of a winger to me.

I hope the talks go well and the player joins Demba Ba on the plane back from Africa in a few weeks time to Newcastle Airport to start a new strike partnership on Tyneside.

I will be watching Senegal a bit more closer in the ACoN from now on.....

Can Anyone Work Pardew Out?

Can anyone work Pardew out? Im not saying he is wrong, i'm just looking for an explanation as to why he chooses certain things for others? Because even though I disagree with him at times (or other people), you at least understand where they are coming from.


a) Ben Arfa doesn't start.
b) Our tactics were to 'hoof it' which were abysmal.
c) Our best passer comes off injured, so he brings on HBA.
d) With our best passer off the pitch, we ditch the long ball to play passing football...?
e) We had Best left wing, HBA right wing, Raylor in centre midfield, Jonas in the 'free role'
f) He brings Perch on then plays Jonas left wing, Raylor in the 'free role'
g) Considering HBA played on the right wing of a 5 man midfield, why didnt he start their then, or play their earlier in the season?
h) Considering hoof ball is total b*llocks, why didnt he start with 4-5-1?
i) Since when does Jonas suddenly become the free role man instead of HBA?, he did will mind.
j) Best left wing? Really? He did ok.
k) How poor are QPR and that must be our worst win of the season taking over from the Wigan game.

Work the above out and we win 1-0 and sit 6th after 21 games.

Howay the lads!


He's got a plan.....but what is it exactly?

Cissokho To Have NUFC Medical After Fee Agreed?

There is talk in the French media that NUFC have agreed a fee of around 9million euro for left-back Aly Cissokho and that the Lyon player is due for a medical on Tyneside within the next 72 hours. He has been left out of Lyon's squad this weekend due to a 'muscle strain' officially.

NUFC have had him on the radar for a while and he has struggled to get in the Lyon team this season after a massive move from Porto for around 15million euro. Arsenal and Liverpool are also keen admirers of the Frenchman.

However, if this move were to be true and did happen then I don't exactly understand the logic. Davide Santon has been class at left-back for us and Danny Simpson has improved massively. With Mr Versatile Ryan Taylor in the squad also, full back is the last position we should be strengthening.
We need another centre back and a striker in my opinion before we even look at another full back, especially one for £8million!

This is still speculation at this stage and I am sure the truth of the matter will come out over the weekend, however if NUFC were to sign him it would be a strange move to say the least..........unless their is truth behind Danny Simpson leaving us in this transfer this space.

Tiote Get's Sent Off For Ivory Coast

Cheik 'The Bomb' Tiote has been sent off for Ivory Coast in a ACoN warm up game versus Tunisia. Apparently he applied the DDT before finishing off his opponent with a Chokeslam! The Tunisian player was left in tears!

He will probably be banned for at least one of the group games. So it's good news for us really, the less games he plays the better. Hopefully Ivory Coast will be knocked out early (not likely) and Cheik can get back to terrorising the Premier League.

In other news, Demba Ba did what he did best. No not scaring the life out of the opposition, but scoring. He got the only goal in a 1-0 in for Senegal in their warm up game yesterday.

Good old Cheik!

NUFC Make Bid For MUFC Starlet - Rejected.

NUFC have made an official bid for Man Utd youngster Ravel Morrison which Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed the club have turned down. The bid is believed to be around £1million.

Ravel Morrison is available for a free in the summer and has been told by Fergie that his wage demands are unrealistic, so MUFC may decide to cash in on him in this transfer window.

Fergie has said, "His agent has been working hard to get him another club,"
"We've offered him terms which he has refused. His wage demands are unrealistic as far as we're concerned. We've rejected an offer from Newcastle. It's all down to how that progresses."

Morrison can play in midfield or as a striker, he has a reputation of being highly skilled and is being tipped to have a bright future. (Short video of him in action below).

If we were to bring this lad in I won't exactly complain, however these over the top wage demands is a concern to how he 'see's himself' and will surely demand similar wages from us. Not that we expect Ashley to give in to games like that...

Keep an eye on this one.

Really Good NUFC Interviews Via French TV

Some cracking French TV interviews including Demba Ba, Yohan Cabaye and the other 'Frenchies' as they call them. Spot the appearance of Big Cheik Tiote in one of them too.... "YO!". Ha.

Make sure you stick 'subtitles' on when you watch.

The latest Demba Ba interview:

The French players interview

Yohan Cabaye interview

Some Details On Demba Ba Contract/Transfer

The Telegraph have come out with a few details of Ba's contract and when he signed. Cant believe everything you read obviously. But I have to say this 'release clause' malarkey has me a bit worried he's going to be gone for peanuts. Thanks a lot Harry, you f*cking flabby faced, big mouthed, arrogant, tax dodging, bung taking, c*nt.

Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are among the clubs believed to be interested in activating the release clause in the contract of Newcastle United’s in-form striker Demba Ba.

It is understood that both clubs are aware of the existence of the clause — Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has already spoken about it publicly — but, crucially, Ba has told Newcastle he will at least see out this season before deciding his future.
No offer has yet been made for Ba who is with the Senegal squad for the forthcoming Africa Cup of Nations although the 26 year-old is aware of the interest. The clause is thought to be £7 million although that is unconfirmed.

Newcastle might attempt to renegotiate the terms of the deal Ba agreed with them last summer after he activated the release clause upon relegation with West Ham United, who he only joined last January from German club Hoffenheim.
There are suggestions that if Ba were to leave for £7 million his contract stipulates that he would receive a large proportion of that fee — thought to be around £2.5 million — leaving Newcastle with £4.5 million for the player who signed on a free transfer but who has been this season’s Premier League sensation, scoring 15 goals.
Newcastle are refusing to comment on whether or not there is a release clause in BA’s contract and what its terms might be but Telegraph Sport understands that it is lower than the £10 million which was claimed over the weekend.

Redknapp has also claimed that the figure is lower. Newcastle sources have suggested that Ba can only leave if a club in the Champions League comes in for him but this has been questioned by some of the clubs who are considering making a move.
Ba signed a three-year deal on Tyneside and is believed to earn a basic £35,000 a week plus £20,000 per first-team appearance. The terms of the deal reflect the player’s medical history and his well-documented knee problem, which scuppered a move to Stoke City before he joined West Ham.
Ba failed his medical at Stoke — with Tony Pulis famously describing the striker’s knee as a “ticking time-bomb” — and it is highly likely that he did not undergo a medical at Newcastle which helps explain the complicated nature of his contract.
However, despite his fitness concerns he has full mobility and has been available for the clubs he has played for without problems.
It is also believed that although Ba joined on a free transfer his agents were paid around £2 million in fees by Newcastle.
Ba has told the club he will stay for now and the most likely scenario is for Newcastle to offer him a pay rise in return for the removal of the release clause which might enable them to keep the player at the Sports Direct Arena for longer.

Ba scored what Sir Alex Ferguson described as a “magnificent” opening goal in Newcastle’s stunning 3-0 victory over Manchester United last week.
Indeed few will argue with the Twitter message posted by Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere in the wake of that game. “Demba Ba best signing of the season!” he wrote and Ba now has 22 goals in 27 starts in the Premier League for West Ham and Newcastle.
Last week Ba was named the league’s player of the month and United are now one of the club’s on his trail although Spurs are pushing harder for a deal, especially if they can offload Roman Pavlyuchenko.

Over the weekend Ba gave an interview to the French radio station RMC in which he said it was possible he would join Paris St Germain in the summer.
“I have always supported PSG and it’s an attractive club,” he said. “But it will be difficult to do that in January. I’m in Newcastle and the fans like me. The transfer market will be closed when I return from the Africa Cup of Nations so I won’t focus on it.”

We all hope he won't be holding another shirt up anytime soon.

NUFC 3-0 MUFC - Match Highlights

I dont usually blog about highlights or match reports etc. I leave that to others. However, NUFC spanking Manure is a rare occurrence and shall be immortalised within NufcBano Blog to be watched upon time and time again.

Enjoy. (Cabaye free kick 6m40sec in. Beauty.)

Do We Have A Lack Of Ambition?

What's been quite clear to me is that we are the best of the rest when it comes to the Premier League. The top 6 is the top 6 as it stands, lets be honest.

So does the fact we aren't that far off being a really decent side fill you with frustration with what seems a lack of genuine ambition from the 2 croneys and Pardew?

Or doesn't it bother you because the chances of us breaking into the top 6 seem remote we may as well save some money and stick with what we have?

When Pardew comes out with "We have abandoned our search for a striker" this statement is very strange and suspicious to say the least.

Surely if we have put so much effort into signing Maiga; than we must need a

If we were willing to spend £10million on Bryan Ruiz on deadline day, why are we now seemingly unwilling to spend it now, especially given the fact Demba Ba will be gone for 6 weeks (and who knows, maybe even permanently)?

If £6million was made available for Maiga, then why isn't it available for someone else?

If the reason is because we haven't even bothered to scout anyone else apart from Maiga then that quite frankly is boll*cks. If it's because their is nobody else out their who we think is good enough then that is also very hard to believe.

On Deadline day we put bids in for Liam Ridgewell and Bryan Ruiz. We were also in for Maiga but it didn't happen (apparently). So what has changed?

Do we need a centre back? Yes. We needed one back in August so there no change their.

Do we need a striker? Yes. We needed one in August but somehow this is not now the case after Maiga breaks down? Bullsh*t. Tripe. Lies.

Fact's are we have at least £12 million to spend on the team, given the deadline day events. So NUFC should buy a striker, a centre half and a full back to add to this already decent team. If not another Centre midfielder given the fact Tiote will also be gone for 6 weeks (if not permanently) and Guthrie is far too injury prone to be relied upon.

After all, the only reason we have dropped as many points this season as we have; is due to injuries and a thin squad.

There are no excuses or logical reasons not to invest. None.

Sort it Laurel and Hardy otherwise the Ashley bashing shall rise again.


Premier League Shite Of The Year XI

Looking at who were the best players in 2011 is boring. We know them pretty much; RVP, Ba, Bale etc etc zzzzz. So here is my Premier League Shite Of The Year XI. Enjoy!

GK David De Gea - based on his transfer fee. Compare it to Vorm and it's embarrassing.
RB James Perch - Awful. Just awful.
CB Sebastien Squillaci - Funny how poor he is.
CB David Luiz - The Fee. The club he plays for. The baffling displays at times.
LB Ronald Zubar - I remember some of his displays last season. Hilarious. (see below)
RM Jordan Henderson - Someone needs to explain to me why he is good. £14mil?!
CM Michael Carrick - He's just terrible. But somehow still manages to get games.
CM Lee Cattermole - The man is a thug. Plus he is sh*te
LM Andrei Arshavin - Terrible year.
ST Fernando Torres - £50mil. Oh dear.
ST Andy Carroll - £35mil. Dear oh dear. Left the best til last!

Manager: Steve Bruce. Since scum sold Bent in Jan 2011, Agent Bruce took them to new lows. It was beautiful. Now of course he has no job. (I was thinking Steve Kean but the lad has has just won @ Old Trafford. Plus Fat Sam gets a mention)

Unlucky boys. Here's to 2012!