Aim For The Champions League!

I think we are pretty nailed on for 7th place at least this season, who is going to stop us..Stoke? Everton? Mackems? No chance.

So why don't we aim for 4th?

Liverpool and Arsenal continue to throw in dodgy results. Arse keep losing away from home and scouse keep drawing at home. Chelsea are capable of throwing in an Aston Villa result also. Even the mackems should have took a point from Stamford Bridge if it wasn't for the finishing skills of Niclas Bendtner.

We have nothing to lose this season and the wind in our sails. Those teams should be genuinely looking at us and be worried. We're a genuine wildcard in the race for 4th.

Now we have a new No.9, we are an even stronger unit then the one that completely smashed Man Utd the other week. We should also be expecting a centre back of some description to cover any short comings soon. We're looking good.

The fixtures without Ba, Tiote and now Cisse are massive if we are to genuinely challenge for 4th because if we pick a handsome amount of points, then those lads will come into the squad to hit the remaining months of the season with all guns blazing.

Chelsea are disillusioned at not being title contenders this season, Arsenal are the same old Arsenal and Liverpool are getting more frustrated with every 0-0 draw at home week after week. They are there for the taking.

None of us expected to finish 4th in 2002, but we did and built on it. Our strongest team is a match for anyone and is capable of playing anyone off the park, just ask Fergie.

Let's go for it! Nothing to lose, everything to gain! If we just fall short, we wont exactly be disappointed will we?.......considering everyone 'knew' we were going to be relegated this season...!!


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