We still don't get full credit for our start...!

I've heard it a few times now but we are finally being noticed by various people in and around the media....however they cant help to add that we have played 'easy fixtures'.

Albeit, we have played teams at the right time Arsenal were in disaray, Sunderland look ****e, Fulham are knackered already, QPR had a team full of new players (with no strikers), Aston Villa look a shambles and Blackburn look even worse.

However, these fixtures are only easy for one of the top 6 teams. Are we a Top 6 team?! No! Nobody will label us with that. So are their any easy fixtures for a club that are looking to finish in mid table? In fact, a lot of people say we are going down this season. So how the hell can a team that are supposedly going to finish 18th...had easy fixtures?!!
Surely the easy fixture has been for our opposition? No?

If you play Arsenal, Sunderland away, Fulham, QPR away, Villa away and Blackburn how many points would you have said we would look for in these games? I would say the optimistic of us would have us down for around 8 realistically. Some pundits would have us down for just 2 not naming any names Paul Merson, or 4 or 5 Mark Lawrenson.

But no, a team that has had its worse pre-season in living memory, that have lost their most influential players and have failed to find a proven striker are sitting 4th on 12 points....and more importantly are their on merit. We have played immense in a few of these games. Totally dominated Villa and Blackburn for e.g. Lawrenson said on motd "Yes, they won, but they played against Blackburn which was an easy game" Yea, the same Blackburn side that beat Arsenal last week and have won 6 games in a row at St James Park. We made it look easy due to our total dominance of them.

I for one hope all of these imbeciles keep ignoring us or putting us down, even if it's ever so slightly, because I prefer us to be against these knobs proving them wrong rather then have them jinx us with their horsesh*t.

Keep up the good work lads. From what I have seen in the rest of the league, the 7th place 'best of the rest' league position is a realistic target and I hope we get it.............as long as we keep wining these 'easy' games obviously!


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