Seven Year Itch!

Today is 7 years after Graeme Souness became NUFC manager, taking over from the sacked Sir Bobby Robson RIP, inheriting a Champions League quality squad of players, crippled the club financially with overspending on over rated total flops and leaving the club in bottom half of the table mediocrity, with more massive bills to pay then I had when I moved away from home...!!!

When you consider the fact that the signings made under his leadership, the complete lack of success, the fact he took a Champions League team to bottom half of the table medocrity, the players he sold for eg Aaron Hughes who is going a lot stronger than Boumsong, Babayaro and Moore right now all these years later, the fact he took over from Sir Bobby RIP, the fact that all of the huge financial mess we are STILL paying for to Ashley was under his leadership......I would say, in context, he is the worst manager we have ever hired in our history. We have had worse managers as regards to ability and performance, but those managers didnt inherit a champions league team and then cripple the club financially. (Although Kenny Dalglish dismantling Keegans Champions League, top of the table team, into Dad's Army comes very close!)

The truly sickening thing about him is; he genuinely thinks he did a good job and the fans got him sacked because they didnt like him. Disgusting human being. Hate him.

"NUFC has 30,000 fans and 20,000 customers" is his favourite saying about NUFC.

"I did a good job by getting to the FA Cup Semis and UEFA Cup Qtrs" is his other defence.

Go f*ck yourself you 13th placed finishing, over spending, arrogant, ignorant, useless c*nt.

Laurel and Hardy

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