Newcastle United East Stand New Sign Change!

It has been reported that the famous and classic 'NEWCASTLE UNITED' sign on the East Stand has come down and will be replaced with the following (in this order):


In my humble opinion this is a total joke. We all know Mike Ashley owns Sports Direct so why does he need to plaster the shit all over our beloved St James' Park?!

Football clubs up and down the country 'sell' naming rights and advertising space of their stadium to companies to make revenue. So given the fact that St James' Park is advertising Sports Direct so prominantly.....does NUFC have a written contract with Mike Ashley's Sports Direct?! For the right to advertise his company is NUFC actually MAKING MONEY OUT OF IT?! Probably not. Which is a disgrace!!

Football fans tolerate their clubs giving up stadium names and having massive sponsorship logo's in their stadium with the knowledge it is bringing in a tidy amount of money to support their clubs finances. Football fans would not tolerate such things if their club gave them away for FREE! So why should NUFC fans be any different? If I am uninformed about this sponsorship situation then I will hold my hands up, because I admit I don't actually know the details. Does anyone?

If Mike Ashley makes a statement saying that he is pumping an amount of money from Sports Direct in NUFC for the naming rights of the stadium (Sports @ St James' Park) and this new advertising logo on our East Stand, then fan's would be a lot more likely to accept it...even if we dont like it. I would also be keen to know details of what contract we have with PUMA to see how much money we are making off them?! This should be available to the public should it not? We know other clubs sponsorship deal amounts for e.g. Man Utd, Man City etc.

Does any such advertising contract with Sports Direct exist??!! Is NUFC going to make any money out of unwillingly selling our soul?!!

I want answers!!!

P.S. (this is unconfirmed) I have been informed after writing this article that Sports Direct only pay NUFC £47k for the rights to use our football club a major marketing tool. If this is indeed true, then this is arguably the worst thing Mike Ashley has ever done to our historic proud football club since he 'bought' it. Say what you like about his lack of abilities on the football side, but to sell the club's image and soul for no real return is an absolute disgrace.

The man is nothing but a cheap crook. End of.

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