Carroll To Come Back In January?!

As I foresightly/optimistically predicted back on February 1st whilst Andy Carroll was finalising a deal at Liverpool, the scouse fans are already starting to turn on the lad from Tyneside based on his lack of impact but more importantly, because of the ridiculous price tag around his neck. For someone so inexperienced to be signed for £35million was a bit ridiculous and as much as I didn't want him to leave, you just can't turn that down!

Liverpool fans have a history of running players out of town when they decide in all their wisdom, they aren't good enough for their team. Robbie Keane & Paul Konchesky lasted 6 months. Joe Cole, Alberto Aqualani, Milan Jovanovic, Craig Bellamy, Andrei Voronin all lasted 12 months. These were high profile signings with an element of excitement and expectation. Both of these emotions became solvent and off they went out the same door they came in, in a very short amount of time. Will Andy Carroll do the same? At the moment, it seriously looks like it.

What pissed me off beyond belief was the 'transfer request' debacle which Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias totally fabricated themselves. We all know DL and MA were never going to reject the £35million. It's what they wanted, and they got it. Derek Llambias has even said the exact words 'We couldn't turn down £35million'. So why did they insist on having a transfer request from Andy Carroll for the sake of saving themselves a few bob on bonus money owed to Carroll and making themselves look like the good guys and totally destroying Andy Carroll's name with a lot of people on Tyneside?! Why? If NUFC had sold AC and simply said the words, 'It was too good to turn down', nobody would have criticised them. Not even me! But they didn't. They acted like the conniving scheister's that they are.

By the time January comes around Andy Carroll may be nothing but a bench warmer and out of favour with the Anfield massive. If this is the case then there is only one striker in the world I want to see where the Newcastle No.9 shirt....and that's Andy Carroll. Looking for a replacement for Carroll has proven to be an impossible task. Their just isn't anyone out their of the significant quality, availability, price tag or interest in playing for NUFC to take on the role. So why bother? Why not just sign the man himself back for a significantly less some, if not on loan until the end of the season?

If you think the above is impossible and would never happen....two words. Robbie Keane. £20million Liverpool signed him for, he was considered a flop and was back at White Hart Lane for £12million. All within 6 months!!

If it weren't for the 'transfer request' issue plus the fact some fans just don't accept under any circumstances a player leaving full stop, bringing him back for less money than we sold him for would be a no brainer. It certainly is in my brain. However, AC gets a rough ride from some Toon fans whenever his name is mentioned and sadly that can't be ignored. Hopefully, if he were to sign for us these fan's are fickle enough to accept him just as quick as they turned on him, when he bags a few goals.

All this is hypothetical obviously as we are in September and he is still part of their first team squad, albeit slipping down the pecking order. But if he were to be in a position where his time at Liverpool is untenable come January, similar to Robbie Keane, then I for one hope we bring him back so he can finish what he threatened to start and become a Geordie No.9 Legend. If we don't sign him back, somebody else will!

Would you have him back?

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