Official: Allardyce Sacked As England Manager! To Be Replaced By Eddie Howe?

Update on the below!!: BIG SAM HAS BEEN SACKED!

The silence from The FA is deafening right now. No backing of Big Sham. No defence. Not even a 'calm the air' statement. Nothing.

Such silence usually means one thing. He's a goner!

How can he not be? He has brought himself into disrepute with The FA beyond repair. Advising total

strangers on how to get around FA rules to make a quick buck? How stupid do you have to be?

His knowledge, passion and ease of which to advise about the subject makes the assumption he has took part in such schemes himself is obvious. Practice what you preach.

The FA were moronic in hiring Big Sham in the first place for footballing reasons, never mind off the pitch issues. How does Allardyce football fit into the new England DNA? Quick answer, it doesn't.

Someone who does however is Eddie Howe. If ever there was a poster boy for the FA it's the Bournemouth boss. I live down here and have experienced his rise first hand. It has been meteoric. All of which done in a style any organisation would be proud of.

He is the definition of squeaky clean and if you were to have a look over the England DNA, it reads as if it was created by a strand of Eddie Howe's own chromosomes. Football wise and character wise.

Sam's a dead man walking. If you're prepared to get stung before you've even took your first training session, what else is/was he capable of when he actually got his feet under the table?! Staggering.

His lack of any respect for previous manager Roy Hodgson is also embarrassing for the FA. I've been coaching for a bit and all we are told about is the FA 'Respect' campaign. How does Big Sham fit into this?!

You would have no such trouble with Howe. You would have a football team to be proud of with Howe. You would have the perfect poster boy for the future of English football and coaches.

If you offered Eddie the job...he couldn't turn it down.

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  1. this comment is presumption, presumption is not fact, what you think is not necessarily the actual outcome of this whole thing better for Howe to remain in his present job and get some experience then come into the England picture, no give the role to Bruce - he will make a good fist of it until Howe is ready. No more knee jerk reactions from jerk journo's

    1. Well said edd! Your comments are right on the button and total common sense!

    2. Yea well said Edd. It's not that your upset at the thought of losing Eddie. Official: Allardyce gone. Eddie purely my opinion.

  2. Eddie Howe... is going nowhere!

    “The England job is the ultimate job but I’ve signed players very recently here and pledged my future to them this season and how it is going to unfold.

    “I couldn’t turn my back on this club, the people who employ and the loyalty they have shown me, I need to show that in return.

    “My aims are to lead this club forward and progress in the Premier League and improve on last season – that is my only thought.

    “It sounds quite arrogant, but I am not interested in the job right now but who knows what happens in the future.”

    1. If he stays that good btw. I want bmth to stay up