NUFC Dont Need A New Centre Back

Apparently Douglas doesn't want to leave FC Twente to join NUFC. I for one aren't bothered in the slightest. We don't even need another centre back, due to the complete turnaround in James Perch. The lad is class these days and long may it continue. All Douglas's arrival would have done is cause the odd problem here and there for Pardew in to who to play and more importantly, who to drop. Douglas wouldn't have been happy sitting on the bench for his new club would he, and why should Saylor have to sit out? Where as Perchy seems happy enough to be used when Pardew seems fit without a single moan or whinge.
If we are to bring in a centre back, it should be someone who is an up and comer. A younger player to be brought into the team slowly. Possibly as a replacement for Captain Colo when he finally hands up his boots in a few years. 

We have plenty of games to play this season (hopefully) once we get into the Europa League group stages, as well as a decent cup run domestically. So having 4 centre backs is a good option to have. With Colo, Saylor and Perch we have at least 3. Unfortunately the other is Willo, who on his day can go 90 mins without incident but on another completely meltdown and be responsible for a car crash like he did at Spurs, Fulham and Wigan last season. Those games were horrendous. However, at home he seems less likely to implode. So to put him in for a Europa League, FA/League Cup, or a league game v one of the also ran's of the Premier League on home turf, doesn't seem too bad to me.

We have 4 centre backs, we do not require a 5th. Especially when that player will use up some of our transfer budget money that can be used towards a new striker and full back. Which are a lot more imperative in my eyes. 
Douglas doesn't want to come? I ain't bothered.

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