Mitro is on fire and making Rafa look ridiculous

Just a word on the Mitrovic situation.

Mitro has not been given one league start all season. The one game he did start was in the League cup and scored. He mugged off Joe Hart in a Premier League game whilst scoring, elbowed someone and seemed shunned for it.

On fire
His (basically) replacement Joselu has been nothing short of terrible in front of goal this season. He had a 7 game spell where he started each game but scored in none of them. Yet Mitro was not brought in to end this nonsense.

Joselu has only 4 goals to his name in 20 appearances. One of those goals was the ridiculous ricochet against Liverpool and two were open goals. Mitro was only two goals behind despite no starts and a handful of appearances which were mainly 10 to 20-minute spell at the end of games.

Mitrovic has gone to Fulham on loan and has already bagged 5 in 4 games. He is actually Newcastle Utd's top scorer with 7 goals...

Sheff Utd boss said the following after he tore their defence apart, "Mitro is too good for the Championship and should be playing for Newcastle. He is a £15m Premier League striker who is going to the World Cup."

Whereas Joselu hasn't started any of Newcastle's last four games or had many minutes off the bench since ironically the 31st January, deadline day, where he missed a penalty and missed a massive chance against Burnley to seal all three points. We ended up dropping two points that day.

Rafa Benitez may be a lot of things. He may have a lot of trophies. But if Newcastle Utd are relegated this season by a point or two, than Rafa Benitez will be 100% responsible. 100%.

I want to make it this perfectly clear so everyone understands this. 

It won't be Ashley's fault. It won't be Lee Charnley. It won't be Amanda Staveley. It will be Rafa's. Ashley gave Rafa a shorthand this season, no doubt about it. Rafa moaned every week at the lack of quality to choose from and rightly so.

However, he has refused to select arguably our best all-round striker for the entire campaign, who no doubt would have scored and created more goals than Joselu and would have put more points on the board to have kept this club up.

Make no mistake about it. Don't be confused. This is pretty much a cast iron fact
when you look at the young Serbian tearing up the Championship and dragging his country to the World Cup.

Rafa Benitez hasn't properly explained his decision as to why he has made our clubs job a whole lot harder in trying to stay in this league. Quotes of 'not working hard enough in training' or 'he doesn't fit tactically' are weak explanations to say the least.

Especially when you consider just how dire Joselu was and still is with his
supposed extra ability to run more in training and tactical efficiency. Plus speaking of tactics, I could go on about how Rafa's over-cautious approach in home games has also cost us this season but that's for another day.

Bye and good luck

If we go down. Rafa will walk off into the sunset to a top job and restart a project for himself somewhere else, whereas it will be the Newcastle fans who are left to pick up and deal with the unimaginable sh**house he left behind.

Explaining himself isn't even the start of it.

Mitro's on fire and Newcastle don't have a pot to p**s in. Work that one out. And people say beggars can't be choosers.



  1. Bang on couldn't put it better myself

    1. Many thanks

    2. Lots of forwards have ripped up the Championship - it certainly doesn't mean they can cut it in the Premier League. Of late Bamford, Jordan Rhodes, Benik Afobe, Ross Mc Cormack and our own Dwight Gayle have all been fantastic at that level - Premier League is a huge step up which Mitro will struggle to make IMO.

    3. Yes they have. But they were all given a chance to show they are not good enough. They were tried and failed. My point is Mitro wasn't tried. He wasn't given the chance. So any opinion that he can or can't do it is make believe. That's what annoys me. For all we know we could be sat in the top half with Mitro in double figures. We don't know. Which is ridiculous

  2. I think its off the mark to say Mitro hasn't been tried - he made 22 appearances (12 as sub) in the 2015 - 16 season. I saw most of his games and yes it's opinion but I just don't rate him. He's go very little football intelligence - when to run etc. and no one can dispute he has next to no pace, something which is essential in a Premier League striker.

    1. Not being funny but who cares about 2 years ago. He was 21 and was his first season. He's a better player now. Plus he was better in that season than Joselu has been so it's non-point

  3. You have already said above that because Mitro hasn't been tried in your opinion 'any opinion that he can or can't do it is make believe'. Yet your article states if we go down its Rafa's fault 100% for not playing Mitro - therefore assuming he'd have scored the goals to keep us up!

    Your bit from the article if Rafa leave - 'the unimaginable sh**house he left behind'. We're 100% better defensively from the Taylor / Coloccini era, we're DEFINITELY staying up and given some support from Ashley Rafa will take us forward.

    I also notice Colback and Hanley are getting great reviews from the supporters of their Championship teams. I guess you'll want them back and given more of a chance as well??

    1. If we stay up none of this matters. Hopefully takeover happens and Rafa brings in strikers way better than Mitro Or Joselu.

  4. Well be can both agree on that - 3 point tomorrow - come on the LADS

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