Davide Santon. It Is Real!

So NUFC have signed Inter Milan wonderkid Davide Santon for £5million and on a 5 year deal.

Several words describe this signing; Unbelievable, Brilliant, Ambitious, Surprising, Suspicious.

Unbelievable: This kid is a genuine wonderkid of European football. He has been dubbed the new Maldini and could genuinely step into any Serie A club he wished, including most European giants.

Brilliant: We obviously need a left back so to replace the wantaway Enrique with a player with the potential to be better than him, for a lesser fee, is truly incredible. He can also play at right back so Simpson better start upping his game because Raylor is on fire.

Ambitious: This signing sends a message loud and clear to European football; NUFC are still a big club. Any future signings will look twice at NUFC as a genuine possibility to play their football just by looking at this signing as well as Ben Arfa and Cabaye. Signing a 20-year-old wonderkid is nothing but ambitious and very impressive for all the NUFC fans to lick their lips over.

Surprising: As I have already said, this kid could genuinely make it in any team he wanted in his native Italy, he is this highly praised. 'New Maldini' is a tag given to him by the highest of pedigree such as Jose Mourinho and Marcelo Lippi, which is high praise indeed. Also given the fact 99% of Italians usually stay 'home' within the Serie A and if they were to leave it would only be to a European Giant like Man Utd, Barcelona or a Bayern Munich, the fact NUFC have pulled this off is very surprising to say the least.

Suspicious: Not to put a downer on this but you have to ask the question 'Why?' has a young Italian 'wonderkid' decided to leave one of Italy's giants to come to NUFC. The obvious answer must be; The Premier League. Our league is genuinely the biggest in Europe and can draw the best of players to it. Another answer must be 'Wages'. You can assume we have gave this lad the maximum we can in regards to wages which is widely accepted as £50k a week. So for a 20 year old lad to get this for 5 years is an obvious pulling tool.
It's worth noting that if this kid is to fulfil his potential then their is a threat he will outgrow our football club if we continue to be a mid-table side. So he could be using NUFC as a stepping stone in his career for a bigger move later on in his career. It is known that he was dropped from the team at Inter and has been criticised in certain games so he may need this fresh new challenge to resurrect his career. To be honest, even if he is just using NUFC as a stepping stone....I am not complaining! If he matches his potential in a Black n White shirt (that isnt Juventus) I am more than happy. Bring it on.
It's also worth noting that NUFC have 'invested' in this boy. They know full well given his age, reputation and the transfer fee, that if he does leave us one day.....he will leave for a hell of a lot more than £5million!

I am glad we have finally got a full back in and the fact it is Davide Santon who all Football Manager players know is something very special indeed, I am surprised but over the moon!
Finally a signing that matches the 'policy' NUFC insist on feeding us. Now, a striker needed please!! You have 24 hours!

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