Football a non-contact sport?

There's been loads of talk of 'the stamp', 'the slap' and 'Joseph Barton'.

I'll keep my opinion of these straight to the point: - 
Song should have been off. Disgrace.
Gervinho rightly got his marching orders.
I don't blame Joey for being incensed and dragging a cheat back to his feet, I'd do the exact same thing. However, he did go down too easy (in his own words) which I would never do, not nice to see. However even saying that, 99% of other players (especially Arsenal) would have done the same, so I ain't that bothered. It's the modern game at the highest level unfortunately. Blame FIFA.

But i'd just like to make the point that every where I read and hear 'experts' say that the Gervinho incident was actually a penalty.....because there was 'contact'.

So? So what if Tiote slightly brushed him? DID, HE, FOUL, HIM..? 

One of the ways you can foul someone is if you trip them up, deliberately or even by accident. Did he trip him up? Kick him? Push him over? No. He slightly grazed his shin-pad. So why is it a foul? Because he made contact? Total bollocks.

So Football is a totally non-contact sport now is it? If so, its dead.

The tw@t dived. End of.

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