New signing! Is it a Left Back? Is it a Striker? No, its another Keeper?!

NUFC have signed Charlton Athletic, 25 year old, goalkeeper Rob Elliott. 

What? I'm sorry what was that..? So, Newcastle Utd have signed a new goalkeeper. Not a very good one either. For reasons that can only be described for Goalkeeping cover..? What in the blue hell is going on? Are NUFC taking the piss or what?

I'm not having a go at the team bringing in new players but just what the hell is going through the minds of Alan Pardew and his staff?!

Newcastle United may not be the finished article in regards to a completed squad by any means but the one thing, the very one thing we can hold our heads up high and boast about is the fact we have a shower of riches when it comes to Goalkeepers.

On our books we have no less than Steve Harper, Tim Krul (Dutch No.1), Fraser Forster (Future England GK), Ole Soderberg (Future Swedish No.1) and a England U-18 goalkeeper Jak Alnwick.

So can someone with any brain cells explain to me and the rest of us why we would even consider looking at other goalkeepers for the next 10-15 years, never mind actually bring one in on a PERMANENT transfer?!

Now if the goalkeeper we were bringing in was world-class and would go straight into our first team then it may be understandable.....but Rob Elliott?...from Charlton Athletic?....What?


The mentality of the some of the people currently employed by NUFC has been questioned without doubt, but this latest signing is simply scary.

I mean if they let Fraser Forster go to Celtic and don't trust any of the goalkeepers we have to be more than capable of coming in at No.3 choice as it were, then there needs to be serious questions asked as to who exactly is coming to these conclusions....and what the hell are they going to do next??

Sell Ole Soderberg? Sell Fraser Forster to Celtic? Retire Steve Harper early? Sell Jak Alnwick? Sell Tim Krul? Give Rob Elliott the No.1 Shirt?

Unfathomable to understand. I'm really going to need someone to explain it because I just can't work it out given the fact I have a brain that works properly.

Here he is!:

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