Mr Versatile - Should be 1st choice Full Back!

We've done it! 1-0 to the lads to prove again that NUFC are the undisputed Top Dogs in the North East. Sunderland just aren't in the same league as us when you look at the fact in the 3 games played since we came back up; we trounced them 5-1 on our own patch and dominated them twice on their own dog sh*t covered field!

The winning goal was by emergency left back, Mr Versatility Ryan Taylor. Another absolute beauty to add to his collection. Pick that out you jealous, insecure, inferiority complexed Mackem c*nt! Pardew my french (see what I did there? Genius)

So the question has to be asked, what does Danny Simpson offer compared to Ryan Taylor? I have actually been saying this for quite a while now and I still can't give an answer, apart from maybe he's a little quicker....?
In my opinion Ryan Taylor isn't the best defender in the world, but neither is Simpson, and what Raylor does give us is a genuine goal threat and whenever he plays he seems to make something happen in the final third. Whether it be a free kick, a cross, or a rasping long range effort. Danny Simpson doesn't offer any of these things.

I'm sure NUFC will bring in a new left back before Sep 1st, so when they do, I want to see Ryan Taylor slip into Right Back ahead of Simpson so he can offer us something in the attacking third with not much sacrificed in the defensive department.

Nice one Raylor! You doing us proud! Keep it up lad!

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