Would This Be Totally Wide Of The Mark?

We failed to get hardly any crosses into the box v Swansea and failed to get in behind them at any stage of the match. The reason for this is quite simple:

a) Jonas just doesnt have a left foot and has cut back onto his right. Very, very annoying after 3 years.
b) Obertan must be a little retarded to have all his pace and a little bit of skill...but chooses not to use it. Instead he likes to cut inside into a cul-de-sac and either lay it off to Cabaye or just lose the ball. Very annoying.
c) Simpson got forward once. That is all. Not once did he ever, ever overlap Obertan. Anyone who thinks he is a marauding full back is wrong. He just doesn't do it.
d) Santon like Jonas, doesnt have a left foot. He played well, but it seems obvious to me he will be our right back for years to come. Hopefully.

So what can we do about it? Here's an idea. Is it totally insane?

Hatem Ben Arfa on the left wing and Jonas on the right wing.

What this will give us before we have even kicked a ball is a better balance to our midfield. It will also allow us to stretch teams as both wingers will naturally go on the outside of full backs and 'get chalk on their boots'.

We will also get a hell of a load of whipped in crosses into the box alternative to the diagonal floated balls our front 2 have to make the best out of, due to our wingers insisitance on cutting back onto their favoured foot. It just doesn't work.

If we are insisting on playing with 2 big lads up front then only a total mad man would not take advantage of this by playing with 2 wingers with the strategy of whipping crosses into the box on a constant basis.

No? Is this totally mad?

People will no doubt argue, Ben Arfa cant play on the wing.....our full backs will be exposed....Jonas doesnt like the right wing....etc.

But where's the harm in at least trying it? What is their to lose? What we did against Swansea in the wide areas was quite honestly pathetic. Its the only reason we didn't win.

Do you all remember the days of Sellars flying down the left? Ginola guile? Robert's dangerous delivery? Gillespie marauding down the right at will? Solano's class service from the right?

I certainly do.

So I don't understand why we cant have Ben Arfa's pace, skill, delivery, class coming from the left wing as he stretches defences and makes a mockery of right backs up and down the league. Added to Jonas's work rate, doggedness, enthusiasm, and an actual 'final ball' to go with it as he is allowed to use his right foot without having to cut back.

The fact we haven't even tried this is insane. The fact Ben Arfa cant even get off the bench is illogical and ridiculous.

Sort it out Pardew, your in danger of throwing away our great start to the season.

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