20th Anniversary!

On this day 20 years ago NUFC changed forever, when Kevin Keegan took charge of his first game against Bristol City. We won 3-0 and the rest is history as they say.

Without Super Kev NUFC would not be where we are here today. We might not be a Premier League top club, we might not be a Premier League team at all, we wouldn't have had the players we have had over the past 20 years, we wouldn't have had glorious highs (and also massive lows) and we certainly wouldn't have a 53,000 seater stadium to be admired by all.

Who could forget the 1993 first division onslaught, or the first season in the Premier league where we finished 3rd, Andy Cole's 42 goals in a season, The Entertainers, Beardsley's comeback, the 12 point lead, Ginola and Ferdinand combination, The 'I will love it' rant, the Howay 5-0 vs Manure and of course the countless unforgettable matches that will forever be looked back upon.

He may have left us far too early and cost us some success in 1997 however what he did for the football club is one of, if not THE, biggest and greatest things ever achieved in our history.

Cheers KK!

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