Williamson One Of Our Worst Ever Centre Backs?

We've had some shocking centre backs over the past 10 or so years, but is Mike Williamson worthy of having his name in the same category as the Bramble's, the Boumsong's, the Charvet's, the Marcelino's, the O'Brien's, and the Cacapa's?

Based on his 'performances' at Fulham and Spurs where we have conceded 10 goals in 2 consecutive away games, I'm going to say if he keeps up this level of clueless shite, than yes!

His positioning and decision making is absolutely horrendous. Out of the 11 goals we have conceded in our last 3 games, I can honestly say Willo has been responsible for at least half of them, if not most of them.

I mean how can he be so poor at basic defensive qualities such as knowing when to close the striker down, to dropping off and holding the line? I was under the impression Alan Pardew prides himself on his defensive coaching...has he even noticed Williamson's headless chicken performances lately? Or am I the only one, along with John Barnes strangely enough as he explained how poor Willo was for Spurs 2nd goal last night on ESPN.

Lets go back to the Fulham hammering. 2 of their goals were down to Williamson deciding to close down Andy Johnson 40 yards from goal, being turned inside out, allowing Zamora, Johnson and Dempsey to run riot. Another goal they got was when little Andy Johnson picked up a shocking clearance from Krul but then as Willo went to tackle him he got blown away by a little shoulder barge as if Jonah Lomu had just smashed him. Their final goal was purely kamikaze stuff as Willo was so far up the pitch he was actually in Fulham's half when Dempsey got released to run 50 yards to smash in another. Absolutely shocking.

The Villa game was better, because we were at home, however their goal was totally avoidable as N'Zogbia crossed that ball into the 6 yard box, the only thing Willo had to concentrate on was to block the cross out for a corner...he epicly failed, due to being slightly out of position as he watched the ball helplessly flash in front of him for Robbie Keane to tap in from 5 yards out. Very poor.

Then we come to last night's debacle. 2 down after 5 mins. 1st goal, Willo got drawn (again) into closing down the striker, as the ball got switched to Adebayor out wide, instead of Willo getting back into the centre back position he ball watched, which meant our right back Danny Simpson had to fill the gap he left, leaving the back post completely unguarded for Assou-Ekotto to smash in totally unmarked. The 2nd goal was laughable as Santon was caught up the pitch, Colo had to come across to challenge Adebayor, so the only thing Willo had to do was place himself in the centre of our penalty area to block and clear any cross coming in....he failed. In fact, he didn't even get anywhere near it. He may as well had not been there as Saha came in free to smash it in. Total joke. For the third he attempted half heartedly to block Saha's shot, but turned his back like a wimp as the ball went through his legs. Can you imagine what Saylor would have done in that position? The lad would be more than willing to take one in the face to stop a goal. Willo was gutless. Spurs 5th was another example that he doesn't know when to come and when to drop off, as every NUFC defender held a firm line across the penalty spot as Saha nodded a header down...apart from Mr Willo who was stood on the 6 yard box line playing Adebayor onside as he controlled and volleyed in another, with Willo softely 'attempting' to block it. Total shambles of a night's work.

The lad is mediocre. At home against the also rans of the Premier League he is not much of a problem. However, away from home he is proving to be shocking. Maybe it's the high line he doesn't like, or maybe he's just clueless. I don't know for sure, i'm not his manager. But he needs to shape up because we don't have any other option apart from Perch it seems...which makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

Which takes me onto my next point that how NUFC have failed to bring in a centre back in the past 2 transfer windows is an absolute disgrace. We needed cover at centre half back in August with a fully fit squad, throw in the fact Saylor is out for the season, we were desperate for one in January. We failed again. Criminal.

Our season on the whole is an absolute dream and everyone deserves huge credit for being 1 point off 4th place after 25 games. However, if NUFC miss out on the Champions League, or worse the Europa League, just because we were too tight fisted to offer a few million to bring in a decent defender, then the administration should hang their heads in shame as they will have missed out on millions and millions of pound worth of income. 

Typical NUFC, when we are in desperate need for a defender...we bring in a new £10million striker!

Different people, same club.

'Should I stay, or should I...goal'

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