Nobody Won From The Derby Game - In More Ways Than One

Watching that game I went through so many emotions it was unbearable at times. I was expecting a roller-coaster of ups and downs, goals, hard tackles, sending off's and drama...but that demolition derby was a cut above the rest.

After all is said and done though, nobody won from that game. The result obviously was shared and looking at key incidents and the people involved, nobody came out smelling of roses:

NUFC - we were a shambles first half and were more interested in kicking the sh*t out of Sunderland players and the just launching the ball long, rather than actually playing football. We came back strong in the second half but that only highlighted that if they were interested in playing from the off, we would have won that game convincingly.

Mackems - They had the game in their hands but threw it away. The best chance they will have for a while to win on Geordie soil and they blew it. Which does make me smile.

Pardew - Acted like a totally smug, petulant, arrogant tw*t who disgustingly got in Martin O'Neills face TWICE after his side got a pen (which we embarrassingly missed for him) then equalised in injury time. Disgraceful behaviour. I'm all for getting one over the enemy but I don't want to see my manager who represents my team act in that way. Would Sir Bobby or Keegan act like that?
You won't win me over by fist pumping in the oppositions face, you will win me over by picking the best team and winning the game. Sort yourself face Wenger next. Remember that exchange Pard's?

O'Neill - Resorted to accusing Newcastle staff of going into the referee's room at half time and that's reason why they a) didn't win & b) Cattermole got sent off. What? Shut the f*ck up you awkward clown.

Cattermole - Speaking of Cattermole. You're a horrible, dirty little c*nt. Retire and go be a bouncer in Mackem City Centre or something. Just f*ck off.

Sessegnon - Punches a player in the face in front of the referee? Why? Your an idiot.

Demba Ba - Should have let Shola score that penalty. He doesnt miss against Sun'lund, all geordies know this. Big mistake. He never looked confident either.

Shola - Like I say. He knows he never misses, so put your foot down and take the pen. You won it after all. Nice goal though and I wont criticise the mackem slayer.

So basically my point is nobody won from this game. I am just relieved we didn't lose. I'm glad it's over for another season (2-1 on aggregate and 4 points took) and we can look towards getting as many points as possible to try and finish 5th or higher. Our season looks like coming down to who gets in the FA Cup Final to determine where the european spots get dished out to but seeing as this is totally out of our hands, we must try and finish in front of managerless Chelsea who will hope have made a huge mistake in sacking AVB for basically RDM...since when is Roberto DiMatteo a better manager than Villa-Boas. Stupid decision.

Howay the lads!

All Hail The Mackem Slayer!

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