NUFC Are Back!

So technically we're 5th, but I like to think of it as very much joint 4th. NUFC are back, believe it!

Just staring at the league table at 2 o clock in the morning on teletext is a remarkable thing to see. Much more remarkable than the northern lights or babestation extreme. I mean just look at it:

Spuds Played 33 Won 17 Drew 8 Lost 8
Toon Played 33 Won 17 Drew 8 Lost 8

We have the same record as a team that were in the title race for most of the season, were labelled the best team to watch in the league and could adfford to turn down £40million for one of their players.

We were in the f*cking Championship 2 years ago...THE CHAMPIONSHIP. The only thing we had to watch on a saturday night was listening to Steve Claridge tell us we could implode at any stage, after MOTD had already been and gone with Hull City apart of its line up.

We even got rid of the players that did so well for us last season. We all love to hate Carroll, Enrique, Nolan and Barton now, but these lads were key to our team last year when we hammered the mackems, beat Arsenal on their own patch and won 6-0, 5-0 & the 4-4 epic!

We also, technically, didn't go a penny out of pocket on transfer fees as we used the money we sold Nolan, Jose and Routledge to bring in new faces. We didn't even bother touching the Andy Carroll money!

We even havent played that well this season. You can count on one hand the games where we have all been left nursing a semi by how good we were. Man U 3-0, Stoke 3-1, WBA 3-1, Liverpool 2-0 is about it if we are being honest. The rest of our wins were mainly uncomfortable, uneasy and at times, pure hoof ball dogsh*t, laboured victories.

We didn't even have Ben Arfa in the team for the first half of the season. We all had to put up with Obertan for four f*cking months. If it wasn't him then it was the unready Sammy Ameobi. Or Raylor. Or even Shola at one stage. We also didn't have the unbelievable Papiss Cisse who was over in Germany, scoring a shed load of goals in a sh*t team in the relegation zone. We even had no Steven Taylor for half a season and have had either Willo or Perch take his place. Who in their own right were utter horsesh*t for a while, up until the greatest turn around in form since...well, ever probably.

Its amazing, incredible, astonishing, minor-miracle stuff, or which ever adjective you like the most.

If we finish 4th this year than the manager nobody wanted, and the owner nobody liked, with players nobody had any real certain idea what to expect, in a team that nobody had down for achieving anything season...would pull off one of the greatest achievements in Premier League history.

Being a Toon fan is nothing but a shit scary rollercoaster...and I love it! 


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