Were We Just Forgetful Today?

Did we forget we're supposed to be a Champions League chasing team?

Did we forget that we were THE form team with 6 wins out of 6?

Did Pardew forget he is supposed to be Manager Of The Year?

Did Willo forget he had looked like a decent centre back for the past few weeks?

Did Papiss Cisse forget the offside rule? (How many times?)

Did Papiss forget how to score? (header should have gone in)

Has Demba Ba forgotten how to play football? (what is up with him?!)

Did Captain Colo forget how to lead? (Had a shocker)

Did Tim Krul forget he is a quality keeper?

Did Jonas forget how to play in CM?

Did the referee forget the f*cking rules? (He does understand a 2 footed challenge doesn't he?)

All of this talk of Champions League has done something to our mentality. It must have. If we have added pressure on ourselves by simply talking about it than that is ridiculous. What's the point in that? We're supposed to have nothing to lose in this race and are the unlikely outsiders! I'm sure that mentality is suddenly back with a bang.

Alan Pardew was intent on taking his name away from the England manager talk. He set up in the 4-3-3 then obviously wasn't comfortable because he changed it to wing backs at 2-0 down, which seemed to happen seamlessly. He must have worked on this during the week given how quick he was to change, so if he wanted to play this way, than why not just do it from the start? However, at half-time he changed it back. So I don't know what he was doing to be quite honest. Answers on a postcard. 
As regards for taking off our only shadow of hope in Ben Arfa after some inspired class is just laughable. What the f*ck? If he is resting him for Chelsea than fair enough. But f*ck me. Give us a chance Pard's will you. Bad day at the office.

Speaking of Mike Williamson, its now settled. He IS awful. He just cant be trusted. At home against a direct team he does alright, but away from home against quick, tricky strikers he is a shambles. That first goal was a joke. How does Victor Moses beat him in the air? How? The second goal was not Colo's finest moment, just clear it. For the third goal Willo again LEAPT out of defence to close down the striker, totally leaving a massive gap at the back. Why? You're in no man's land dickhead (also see Fulham and Spurs performance). The 4th goal was just a fluke. He won't do that again for a while. Summed up our day.

Second half was a lot better lads like Cisse, Benny and Cabaye worked hard, but lets be honest Wigan stopped playing. We were never gonna score in a month of Sundays. We hit the post more times than Liverpool. It was definitely not our day.

This season has been immense and I haven't forgotten that, but this is just another debacle to add to the Fulham and Spurs games. Onlt Newcastle Utd can talk about Champions League and then ship 4 by half time at Wigan. Got to laugh really.

Champions League is over. We needed to win to keep it realistic. Just accept it won't happen, but hope for the best.

Great season. Sickeningly predictable awful performance.

Europe awaits though no matter what.  Howay!

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