SkySports Have Shamelessly Switched Their Main Coverage To 'Hopefully' Show Newcastle Drop!

So all week we have seen that on Survival Sunday Hull vs Man Utd will be shown on SkySports 1 from 2pm with Newcastle vs West Ham on SkySports 3 from 2.55pm & Chelsea vs mackems on Sky1. Even though the mackems are now safe, they are still going to be shown as it will be Chelsea's title winning party with the trophy being lifted and all that nonsense. However Sky have decided to change their main coverage on SkySports 1 from the KC Stadium to St. James Park. How do they explain this?

It is clear that Hull City are the most likely team to go down and seeing as Arsenal failed to win last night, Man Utd are still technically in with a very outside shot at 3rd place on goal difference. So why would SkySports make a sudden U-turn in which stadium to send their head presenter & pundits to be at offering all of their wisdom? Well it's only for one reasonable explanation and that's because they want to be there to show our demise first hand. They want to crank up the pressure as much as they can to see the mighty Newcastle Utd deliver the perfect punchline of the nations favourite football joke, as we amazingly get relegated.

Now this isn't paranoia or some Geordie moaning about the world is against us and many other cliches, just look at the plain facts. If you were a television company and you had to choose a story to show and tell on Sunday, surely the one with two dramatic scenarios which Hull face right now is the best. They either miracously stay up with a win against Man Utd or they do indeed go down. The ecstasy and the agony of either one of these GUARANTEED scenes at the final whistle is exactly why they chose to have this match as their main game to begin with. It's obvious. Isn't it?

Well no, apparently not. Sky don't want that. They want something else. They want to see Newcastle's possible demise beyond anything Hull could provide. They want to be there when Newcastle Utd go down. They want to crank up the pressure as much as they can and build up the game for a whole hour (instead of the original 5 mins) as well as the days leading up to it. They want to leave no stone unturned in reminding footballing world, as well as NUFC themselves, what a disaster this season has been. What a disaster relegation would mean. What a joke this football club is. These scenario come Sunday is more important to them beyond anything else.

SkySports are choosing to switch theirs and in hand the footballing worlds attention to our game versus West Ham which could in theory be totally meaningless. We could get beat 10-0 on Sunday and it could not mean a thing if Hull fail in beating Man Utd. It's stunts like this that fuels my disgust and almost hatred towards this Murdoch money making machine joke of a broadcasting provider. What exactly are they trying to achieve IF they get what they want? Why is Newcastle Utd going down more important that if they have any influence over it actually happen, they will do it. With bells on!

We have been here before albeit in different circumstances. We have experienced this total lack of respect and blatant bias from these clown as far back as 20 years ago when we were actually trying achieve something remarkable in winning the title from the dominant Man Utd. Watching the games tick by on Sky comprehensive coverage that season you experienced an overwhelming feeling that Man Utd losing out on another title, after Blackburn won it a year earlier, would be a PR disaster for BSkyB. They couldn't have their ultimate cash cow lose again...surely not?!

Now as much as I didn't like it, I at least could understand it. What I don't understand is their latest stunt. Why are they almost begging to see our club be relegated to the Championship? Why? All we ever hear from Sky pundits is how we aren't a big club and are nothing but an also ran in the Premier League. How we are 'no where near as good as Stoke'. So why this obsession in seeing us fail? Sky were overjoyed with the mackems saving themselves, again, last night. Will they be the same on Sunday with Newcastle?

Have a think about it. Will Sky Sports on Sunday at the final whistle be congratulating Newcastle Utd in getting the result they need in staying in the Premier League if we pull it off or will they totally ignore that and head straight over to the KC Stadium to console Steve Bruce and the Hull players for putting up a brave fight? What do you think?! Am I wrong? Are you expecting anything other then this?

Am I paranoid? No. Because what I'm saying is perfectly true. Sky don't have any interest in being at St James Park to see if we can survive and are their to congratulate us for doing so. They are their for only one thing. To see us lose, to see us go down and to rub as much salt in the wound as they can find to pander to this culture in English football at 'laughing at daft Geordies crying at football matches'. You all know it and no one can deny it.

Not even I saw this latest stunt from Sky Sports coming. I saw they had Hull, correctly, as their main game to be there if either the miracle is produced or relegation is confirmed  and thought nothing else of it. Seeing now that they have decided to switch this focus to our games instead, which I repeat will be totally MEANINGLESS of Hull don't win, is a total disgrace. It's nothing but another example of how Sky Sports decide to 'promote' our football club.

They don't just pander to the notion of the Daft Geordie nation...they created it!

See you all on Sunday. Dont forget...its SkySports1 now!

Utterly Shameless.

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  1. Its a business decision. man utd against hull, 99% chance man utd win. or Newcastle against the hammers, who can call that? but chance of some drama, on the pitch or in the stands with some possible fan action against ashley?. if it was my decision, that would be on my top channel too. your worse than carver for the old cliche, everyone's against us. no wonder we've gone from everyone's second team, entertainers era to the butt of everyone's jokes..jeez

    1. A business decision they took last week to rightfully show the Hull game seeing as it's all on them. Suddenly a change....

      The reason is simple. They WANT us to go down. It's blatant and disgraceful.

  2. Even if they really do want Newcastle to go down and that was the only reason to change the game, so what??
    A lot of us fans would be happy to see us relegated if it hurts fatty and maybe, just maybe make him think about leaving. We all know the only thing he cares about is money
    Back in the days of Mckeag, we still turned up, crap stadium, crap team, but at least it was our crap.
    NEVER thought i would be happy with Newcastle getting relegated.

    Anyway off the point there, business decision to boost viewer numbers, fair enough.

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