Most Resilient Football Club In Premier League History

I'd just like to congratulate a Football Club that sits in the higher echelons of the Premier League and that are still unbeaten.

That have won both League Cup games and are looking forward to the 4th round draw on Saturday.

That have stretched there unbeaten run to 10 games!

Who am I congratulating? Man Utd surely...? Man City then...? No. Step forward Newcastle Utd football club of course!!

...........and this is after having the worst pre-season in living memory, after (mistakingly) selling top scorer and captain Kevin Nolan, after selling want-a-way (best) left back in the league Jose Enrique, after (wrongly) releasing most influential player Joey Barton for free, after having a net spend of precisely zero on transfer fees and after (annoyingly and frustratingly) not spent any money on a decent striker to replace Andy Carroll! 

NUFC are without doubt THE most resilient football club in the Premier League and it's history. It doesn't matter what handicaps come our way, from all kind of directions including self inflicted, this football club will always carry on regardless and fight to win football matches. Harchester Utd in Dream Team can only claim to have had more sh*t thrown against them....and they were crap!

To be a NUFC fan is something of a unique experience, just going through last night's 4-3 thriller at Nott'm Forest is the latest example. Long may the season continue and anyone who thinks Blackburn is just gonna be a straight forward win....very optimistic of you.

Oh and their is one more's alway's emotional.

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