Mike Ashley Striptease! (Warning, this is rank)

In case you haven't seen it yet, our illustrious owner Mike Ashley was on a night out with Sports Direct people and decided to do a 'full-monty' in a Chinese restaurant, presumably after he polished off the last of the spring rolls and kung pao chicken!

If this man wasn't such a useless, pig-headed, obviously arrogant c*nt...then this may be funny. I'm sure his Sports Direct chums were having a whale of a time. But given this comes a day or two after the EPIC FAILURE to land a striker for NUFC due to either lies, lack of ambition, lack of wanting to spend any money or total incompetence, it's as funny as seeing your pathetic boss at the Xmas party totally drunk and trying to be funny but failing and just making himself look like the total c*nt he is in front of all of his employees.

Words can't describe how much I would love to beat the living shit out of this man, force him to sign over NUFC to the fans and then throw his beaten fat ass off the Tyne bridge. Where he will float, face down, out to sea and never to be seen ever again.

This man OWN's OUR football club. OUR'S! This man below. Just think about it when you look over the twat's moobs.

Warning!! This isn't pretty.....and yes, he is slapping himself with his own belt.


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