Dodgy Agent Fees in Barton Deal.

It is being reported in The Sun and other media outlets that their are 'irregularities' in the Joey Barton free transfer to QPR in regard's to agent fees. Apparently Barton's agent Willie McKay made himself a cool £1.3million out of the deal but their were also payments of £1.2million made to another company involved in the deal. Which is concerning the FA.

Willie McKay made the shrewd move to not actually represent Joey in the deal and chose to represent QPR instead, which loopholes a host of things during a transfer as regards to tax, payments, etc. In a nut shell he has made himself as much money out of the deal as he could, as has Joey Barton. After all, Barton didn't have to pay McKay as he wasn't representing him, Joey was representing himself. Nice work gentleman.

I could be cynical and say they have acted like crook's or croney's but to be honest I don't care. TBH I probably would have done the same if it's legal. However, what I do care about is NUFC. So my point in all of this is:- So what the hell have NUFC made out of this transfer? Answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

What's obvious from the above is QPR were adamant they wanted Barton to join their team and were willing to shed out a few million to get the deal done. So why in the hell have NUFC let this player go for free?! NUFC could and should have made at the very least a tidy some of around £1million from this deal. When you look at the fact that, now free spending, QPR have shelved out £2.5million on agent fees, £1.5million on a signing on fee, £40-£60k a week in wages in a 4 year deal, plus a bonus of £250,000 to Barton if QPR stay up....a modest transfer fee to NUFC wouldn't have stopped them in their tracks would it?!?!

Adding up the total cost to QPR reads about: £4million in fees + £10million contract = £14million. £14million!!
NUFC have made = £0. Absolutely nothing, except getting him off the wage bill.

Totally ridiculous.

And people say Mike Ashley is a financial whizzkid!?!!!!?!

Above: Willie McKay, "Hello Mike?, thanks for your help in the Barton deal. I'm off on holiday..!"

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