Response to NUFC Board Answers

Looking at the responses from the NUFC board to the questions from the fan's in my earlier post; a few things stand out to me.

NUFC: "Assuming a tenth place league position, that gives us a wages-to-turnover ratio of approximately 65 per cent."

It seems we have a 65% wage ratio. So given we have a turnover of £100m for being a Premier League club and an average operating costs of around £20-£25million, last season should have seen us make a tidy Net profit of £10-£15million........not including massive transfer money gained!! But yet we still had transfer spend this summer of practically ZERO! Will be nice, interesting reading when the finance details are released.

NUFC: "The fee offered was a deal too good to turn down".

"That’s just one side of the equation of course. On the other side is a player, and one I would add that we have the greatest respect for. He could see an incredibly attractive opportunity for him too. Eventually both the club and the player agreed that a deal would be in the best interests of both parties."

It seems clear from this that the club couldn't refuse to turn down the Andy Carroll transfer fee, so to create the 'transfer request' controversary they did, for the sake of saving a few bob on bonus money that would have been owed to Carroll due to selling him when he was still under contract, totally crippling his name and reputation amongst 'his own' geordie fans, was and is a total disgrace. I knew it at the time, and with every quote from all parties involved since, it becomes more and more clear that Andy Carroll doesn't deserve the label of 'Judas' that he has with a large amount of NUFC fans. Which obviously harms any chance of the lad coming back to the club at some point in the future to finish what he started. Which the rest of us NUFC fans, who recognise the shenanigans of the board, are hoping will happen. Shocking!!

Some of the NUFC board quotes are acceptable, seem genuine to believe and are pretty obvious in places, however in general:

You may be able to fool the sheep who follow our football club; but some of us can see the wood from the trees at a 100 miles away. The smell of bullshit is also overpowering at times. I have learned nothing from these responses, except the views I already have are pretty much confirmed and set in stone.

We are ran by bullshitting, self-sympathising, incompetent clowns. End of. The sooner this black n white double act are long gone from our neck of the woods, the sooner this football club will finally meet its potential again. 

What other fine mess do they have up their sleeves next?!

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