Barton to QPR? It actually makes sense.

Sky Sports News has been claiming breaking news that Joey Barton has permission to talk to QPR. Now this isn't really news as Joey can speak to anyone he likes because he has been given the option of a free transfer.

However, if he were to move to QPR it would actually make more sense then you may initially think.

They have a new rich owner willing to invest in the team, he can get himself the 5 year contract he wants, he can get wages of at least £50k with this new rich owner, he will probably be given the captaincy, he will get to play in the Premier League still which if he were to go to West Ham he would obviously be dropping down a league, which he isn't going to do. So it all actually makes sense the more you think about it.

None of the top teams want him and interest in him since the free transfer revelations hasn't exactly been smoking.

Its also worth noting that Joey Barton has not been included in the squad that will travel down to Scunthorpe because of apparently a 'slight foot injury'. Now if anyone knows anything about pending transfers, fake injuries and being left out of squads is the norm. So this worryingly adds to the fire of this rumour.

If history has taught us anything, then if our Captain Kevin Nolan can go to West Ham then Joey Barton can go to QPR.....especially when he has a Fat Man and his croney literally pushing him out the door!

I hope it's all bollocks, but with NUFC you just never know!

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