Cheik Tiote to leave?

With Newcastle Utd being very much a selling club at the moment...
And Manchester Utd and Arsenal crying out for some central midfield steel...
It could be easy to put 2 + 2 together and come up with £25 million, that Cheik Tiote will be holding up a red shirt on Transfer Deadline day.

There have been whispers that Chelsea are also an admirer of the one man wrecking machine for a while that have gone a bit cold recently, but with Essien out for 6 months there is always the danger Roman Abramovic will get his cheque book out. Which of course Mike Ashley will drool over like a case of hot pies.

There have been other whispers over the last couple of days that Man Utd may make a cheeky £14mil bid, which isn't enough to be accepted even if it were true, but when you look at the fact they have Anderson, Cleverley and Carrick in centre mid.....they are crying out for Tiote. Also when you consider Arsenal have lost Fabregas and are soon to lose Nasri for a combined £60million, they have the means and the motive to drag arguably our most important player down to the big smoke.

Hopefully no bids of any significance come in for the lad and he slips nicely under the radar when the madness of Deadline Day arrives because as we all know by now, NUFC is a selling club where every single player has his price.

Remember..........Sports, UK's No.1!

Also would like to add this article made it onto via Finally popped my cherry, although they modified it slightly.....and changed my correct spelling of Cheik to Cheick....Cheicky bastards! :D

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