The Left Back Plan

So Enrique is officially gone and a day before we kick-off our new season against Arsenal of all teams, we dont have a senior recognised left-back.

Great. You would have thought a professionally run football club would be only in this scenario if the sale was sudden and out of the blue. But of course, this is Newcastle Utd.

For as long as 6 months we have all known Jose Enrique Sanchez wanted to leave St James Park for pastures new. To hopefully, on his side, a 'bigger' club in Europe. So you would think the football club would have had a tight hold on the situation by having some kind of plan or strategy on the matter.

The football club has been sat on there hands for 6 months and they are telling us its because they hoped he would sign a new deal.....

Did anyone in their right mind think that Enrique was going to sign a new contract?
After he didn't sign it back in February, because of the lame see through excuse of because he wanted wait until we survived relegation...
After he didn't sign it after the pre-season break...
After he openly criticised the club's ambitions and transfer policy through the media...
After he openly criticised the club's ambitions and transfer policy through Twitter...
After he openly spoke about his ambitions to leave to join a club that can win trophies and play in Europe...

Well..? Anyone..?

Well this man did (and 2 others fat tw@ts in the board room), either that or he is just spewing out horsesh*t again for us all to lap up and swallow;

"I would be asking why hadn't we got a left back in earlier (if I was a fan)", said Pardew. "The difference was that if Jose had signed we would have been left with 2 very, very expensive full backs which we can't afford when we are trying to build the best side possible". "We offered him a deal (back in February) and he didn't want to sign it, so we had no-where to go".

I mean, what is this? Why is he saying these words? Is he really this incompetent?

Or maybe he just isn't a very good public speaker...

We all fully understand that he doesn't get any help from the owner and his croney in regards to communication to the fans. But at the end of the day, name how many football club's where the chairman comes out and discussed transfers with journalists...? There's not many.

There is no excuse for this constant tripe.

So let's clarify the club's stance on the issue; 'We haven't brought in a left-back - because in case Jose signed a contract that he didn't want - which we knew he didn't want (unless something remarkable happened) - so we "had no where to go" (what does this even mean?) - so now we don't have a left-back in place for the start of season...'

Erm yes ok, that all makes perfect sense. The club have had a Grade A plan in place for 6 months on this issue then? nothing, see what happen's and wait for the inevitable.

Don't you just love it when a non-plan comes together?! (see pic below, looks awfully like Pardew...)


So, anyway. Looking forward. We are left with a situation of, who is gonna play at left back on Saturday evening?

I've heard Shane Ferguson is back fit but if it were me I would stick Ryan Taylor in their. After all, he played their for Wigan with relative success (notably against us) and the whole initial reason he came to us in the first place was because he was a direct swap with Charles N'Zogbia, as we needed to fill the left back spot he was vacating at the time. A major point on Ryan Taylor's time at NUFC so far that has seemed to be completely forgotten, or more likely missed, by all associated with Newcastle Utd Football Club.

Bring on the new season!!

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