Please burn this Bridge down!

Once again there is more talk of Newcastle Utd enquiring about the services of Wayne Bridge. Now under our current transfer policy (which with transfers like this I am actually grateful for) he does not fit in.

We apparently want him on loan for cover after losing Enrique to the Champions League team Liverpool...oh wait?...never mind...but even on loan it would cost us a 'loan fee' of around £2million. Now given we all know Mike Ashley to be tighter than a duck's ass (once again I am grateful for in transfers like this) I can't see him given out good money to bring in this 31 year old full back. Not to mention his £80k a week wages that will need to be compensated in some manner.

When Wayne Bridge went to West Ham last season, on loan, most people around East London thought it was a good move.....then they saw him play. What was quite evident as soon as his debut was that he was slow, had horrendous positioning, was weak in challenges, couldn't pass a ball for toffee.......basically what he had when Chelsea paid about £10mil for, he's lost it! Big time!

This story has been washed off from my point of view already this summer but you can't help notice it isn't going away. Can someone at the football club, probably Pardew, please come out and say the immortal words, 'We are not interested in Wayne Bridge' to help us all sleep a little better. It makes me feel sick in my mouth a little if we were to bring in this over the hill, incapable of defending, totally overpaid chump and stick him in a Tyne/Wear derby where he would be totally exposed and would go about costing us the game, like he did West Ham relegation.

A Bridge for over troubled water?.........I'd rather play Ryan Taylor thanks.

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