Patronising Puppet Pardew - Piss Off.

Puppet Pardew has been moving his lips with a couple of southern fat cats hands up his ass again.

He's now patronising NUFC fans by 'stressing' we need to re-evaluate our status as a football club.

"Maybe 10 years ago, we would be able to rival the Arsenal's and Manchester City's and Chelsea's of this world in terms of transfers"

"But that looks difficult at the moment until such times as we grow the club and show on the pitch that we can bring some success, then hopefully keep our better players and build on that."

Do us a favour Pardew, shut the f*ck up.

Hands up who thinks we can compete on transfers with Arsenal, City and Chelsea?!......Anyone?....any at the back?......No? Didnt think so. So do we need to be told this ridiculously, patronising, obvious point? No, of course we don't.

Do these clown in charge of our football club have any respect for us? Do these people have any concept of how the average Toon fan thinks? Have they ever spoken to a Toon fan in their life?

I'm sick to the back teeth of these non-quotes from Pard's, which are never lacking in total contempt for Newcastle Utd fans.

Looking at these quotes a bit closer you realise how much of a joke they are. 'Keep our better players', 'build success on the pitch', 'grow the club'. Laughable.

In 6 months, the main players that have had relative 'success on the pitch', that has 'grown the club' from Championship minnows to Premiership mid-table solidity, have all been shipped out the club with none of them left to 'build on'.

Carroll, Nolan, Enrique have all been sold by the club with Barton set to join them out the door unless he digs his heels in. How does this fit into building on success and hanging onto our better players? Simply, it doesn't.

His constant reminders to the fans that any of the 'big' clubs can take one of our players whenever they like, as long as the fee fits isnt needed and isn't very eye opening. WE KNOW every player has his price, as Mike Ashleys antics has shown us all what plan he has in the club.

Bring em in cheap, bring em in young, Sell em on.

Facts are we dont have any plans other than this. We aren't building for success, we are reducing the loan owed to The Fat Man. End of.

This 'business plan' doesn't help fans' cause with the hope we will hold onto Tiote or Coloccini before the transfer window slams shut at the end of this month. Sevilla and Valencia are sniffing round our captain like a fly round sh*t and Tiote isn't exactly short of admirers after his revelation last season. Chelsea being one of 'em. The fact that any Toon player has his price is also not exactly a stumbling block for any of these clubs in being able to acquire our best assets.

Why doesn't Ashley just have done with it and have a 'Everything For Sale' sign next to all the hideously oversized Sports Direct logo's spead all over the once classy looking stadium?

Toon fans can just about tolerate Pardew as long as he stops with these ridiculous interviews and quotes sent out across the sports media world. If he continues, the fans are gonna fully associate this plank with the two dodgy croneys we have in our board room. Which in turn, will only bring hurt on Pardew's door.

Toon fans aren't afraid to vocalise there discontent for a manager. If AP insist's on looking back at the clubs past in regards to finances, then maybe he should have a look back at some of the managers spells as well.

Grow a spine, have something meaningful to say, or just shut the f*ck up.

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