Relegation Candidates?!

Once again media, pundits, journalists, 'experts', even some of us have put NUFC in the relegation candidates category.

Even though we have only played 2 games, I think it is clear to see for anyone who knows anything about football, NUFC will not be going down this year (as the team stands). We also have a new striker and full back to look forward too, to make us even stronger.

Lets just look at which teams are definitely not as good as us:

Sunderland (that feels nice)

Teams you could argue aren't as good as us:

West Brom

Teams that are not looking exactly impressive and could have an average season:

Aston Villa

The top 6 is very much the top 6 as far as I'm concerned, but that 7th place is well and truly up for grabs.

This isn't a knee jerk reaction to our relative short success, if anything the rest of the premier league hasn't exactly been impressive.

Get a quality striker in and aim for 7th. If we finish just short, not a bad season is it.

Howay The Lads.

P.S. all of the media people predicting 18th again for us....GFY.

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